Interview: “IDEM is a unique meeting point for sharing ideas and visions”

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Interview: “IDEM is a unique meeting point for sharing ideas and visions”

Dental Tribune Online met with Planmeca Vice President of Sales Jouko Nykänen at IDEM Singapore. (Photograph: Monique Mehler, DTI)
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By Dental Tribune International

Sun. 15. April 2018


Finland-based manufacturer of high-tech dental units, CAD/CAM products, 3-D digital imaging devices and software Planmeca has participated at IDEM for many years. This year, for the tenth edition of the event, being held from 13 to 15 April, Planmeca has returned to Singapore to exhibit at one of the largest shows in South East Asia. Dental Tribune Online met with Planmeca Vice President of Sales Jouko Nykänen to speak about the company’s new products and the Asia Pacific region as a growth area for business.

What are your expectations for IDEM 2018?
For us, IDEM is a key event in South East Asia and a unique meeting point for sharing ideas and visions. We are always enthusiastic about strengthening and further developing our partnerships with existing customers, distribution partners and academics. Of course, we also want to create new contacts and spread our message, as well as learn how we can serve customers in the region even better.

We have been very happy with IDEM over the years. It has brought us excellent contacts with distributors in the area, and we have also seen more and more customers travelling to the exhibition from different countries in the area. With one visit, we can actually gain a great deal of insight into the entire South East Asian region.

What will Planmecas highlight product at IDEM be? Do you have any new product launches planned?
Our main focus at IDEM is on our excellent software platform, Planmeca Romexis. It has evolved into the most versatile and comprehensive platform available for handling clinical work, diagnostics, equipment control, clinic management and even business control. Planmeca Romexis is also scalable and easy to use and thus suitable for the smallest clinic to the largest university.

Our high-quality 3-D imaging range continues to expand, and CAD/CAM is also a hot topic in dentistry today. At IDEM, we are proud to present Planmeca Emerald, our new, superfast, accurate and lightweight intra-oral scanner. It has set a new benchmark for intra-oral scanning and can be used as part of many different workflows.

We want to show how all our products can be linked with each other in practice utilising our single software platform’s seamless integration. The entire treatment workflow can be fully controlled and completed in the same Planmeca Romexis software, regardless of application: 2-D and 3-D diagnostics and analyses, intra-oral scanning, CAD, and even milling and 3-D printing. Everyone talks about integration these days, but few can actually implement it at this level. Planmeca Romexis offers true integration for creating easy, practical workflows for all situations.

Based on your previous experiences at IDEM, how important is the Asia Pacific region for Planmeca?
During the recent decade, we have already established our presence in the largest Asian markets, such as China and Japan, with India also on a very strong track. Now our focus is also heavily on South East Asia owing to its growing importance. If one looks at the population base, South East Asia is a very interesting region and holds a great deal of potential—comparable to approximately half that of mainland China, for example. However, we must adapt to each specific market in the region and localise our offering, services and message. We are currently strengthening our presence in the region, as we want our local team to be closer to our distribution partners and, of course, end-user customers.

Where can IDEM attendees find your booth? And do you have any fun booth activities planned that you would like to invite congress-goers to?
Our booth number is 4D-01. Its fresh and friendly design is brightly visible. Both our local team and our team from Planmeca’s headquarters are present and are very eager to meet and serve all IDEM attendees. I expect much fun throughout the show!

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