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Interview: “It is essential to be actively involved with the global dental community”

Jukka Kanerva, Vice President and manager of Dental Care Units and CAD/CAM Solutions at Planmeca, is counting the days to the new Creo C5's release date. (Photograph: Planmeca)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 22. October 2018


The Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca has been a reliable partner to dental professionals for almost 50 years. The company now aims to revolutionise one-visit dentistry with the Planmeca Creo C5, one of the fastest and most accurate 3D printers on the dental market. Dental Tribune International spoke to Vice President Jukka Kanerva, who is in charge of the company’s Dental Care Units and CAD/CAM Solutions.

How is the Planmeca Creo C5 different from its forerunner model Planmeca Creo?
Planmeca Creo C5 is a completely new 3D printer that has been designed specifically for dental clinics and chairside CAD/CAM dentistry. It is built around even more advanced technology. The new printer’s speed has blown us away and we are also impressed with its great accuracy.

Can you predict a release date just yet?
The new 3D printer is already featured at our stand at selected events. We also have a release date outlined, but do not want to make it official quite yet. The release date is constantly getting closer, however, and we cannot wait to tell everyone more about the printer and show what it can do in practice.

As every year, this autumn there are many dental exhibitions happening. Is there one you are looking forward to in particular?
Planmeca takes part in countless exhibitions worldwide yearly. There is something going on almost every week! Of the larger international events, the Greater New York Dental Meeting and ADF in France are of course very well-known and always impressive. I will most probably attend at least these two events this year, but hopefully will have time to also visit some other ones. We feel it is essential to be actively involved with the global dental community and always enjoy interacting with people at local events in different markets.

And what about IDS in March 2019? Can you disclose anything about Planmeca’s schedule and plans for the dental world’s main event?
IDS is a fantastic event and always drives the dental industry forward. We will be presenting new products and features in all our main product categories—imaging, dental units, CAD/CAM and, of course, software. We also strive to offer a great visitor experience and want our large stand to stand out. Guests should always enjoy themselves and have fun. We encourage everyone to drop by and discover our overall solution for digital dentistry!

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