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Teaming with Planmeca to create a high-tech boutique experience

With a seaside view, patients of AQUA Dent Clinics are treated not only to a luxurious location, but to comprehensive care. (Image:

Wed. 13. December 2023


JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia: Dr Mohamed Bamashmous has had a long and distinguished academic career. Recently, he decided to branch out and pursue his vision of a unique private clinic—one that blends cutting-edge technology with personalised care. That dream has become reality with the support of an extensive selection of Planmeca equipment.

“You could say I’m a bit of a technology geek. But I’m also very into arts and handicrafts. I love dentistry because it combines these aspects,” Dr Bamashmous says. After starting his dental studies in his native Saudi Arabia, Dr Bamashmous continued his education in the US at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He studied extensively at the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and became a board-certified orthodontist and public health dentist.

From an early age, Dr Bamashmous (left) has been fascinated by technology and electronics, and this has influenced his career path. (Image: Planmeca)

Fusing art and science

Since returning to Saudi Arabia over 15 years ago, Dr Bamashmous has been a staff member at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. Currently, he serves as chair of the Department of Dental Public Health and as an associate professor at the Faculty of Dentistry. But the high points of his life extend beyond academia.

“I am also the proud father of a wonderful son named Adam,” Dr Bamashmous is keen to add.

More recently, he brought to life AQUA Dent Clinics, a new dental practice that was carefully built from the ground up in 2021. It was inspired by his vision of fusing the art and science of dentistry into a complete boutique experience. In addition to being the co-founder, Dr Bamashmous works as an orthodontist at the clinic.

“AQUA Dent Clinics is more than a dental practice; we have a holistic approach. The design and the ambiance are relaxing. A visit to our clinic feels less like a dental appointment and more like a wellness experience,” he explains.

AQUA Dent Clinics stands out as an oasis of calm in the bustling urban area of Jeddah and offers a soothing escape from the busy surroundings. The azure waves of the Red Sea can be seen from the clinic’s windows. (Image: Planmeca)

During breaks, I can take a walk by the sea. The building itself is a business building. I lived in Boston and San Francisco before and have always loved the experience of entering a luxury tower. It’s a different type of vibe and an aspect of life in the city that I fell in love with,” Dr Bamashmous says.

Of course, the treatments themselves are the central part of the entire patient experience. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics and endodontic surgery.

“AQUA Dent Clinics is more than a dental practice; we have a holistic approach.”

“Our patients are generally not emergency patients. We do also see emergencies, but usually our patients come in for holistic full treatments and want them done right. I would consider us to be at the top level of dentistry. We are world-class. Our patients can get all kinds of treatments of the best quality available anywhere,” Dr Bamashmous explains.

The overall concept is geared towards comprehensive care that goes beyond a need to fix a single urgent issue. (Image: Planmeca)

Everything is integrated

Dr Bamashmous’ passion for technology is evident everywhere at AQUA Dent Clinics. The high level of care provided there is bolstered by an impressive array of Planmeca equipment and software, including:

  • nine Planmeca Compact i5 dental units;
  • a Planmeca Viso G7 CBCT imaging unit;
  • four Planmeca ProX intra-oral radiographic units;
  • four Planmeca ProSensor HD intra-oral sensors;
  • a Planmeca ProScanner 2.0 imaging plate scanner;
  • a Planmeca Emerald S intra-oral scanner;
  • a Planmeca PlanMill 30 S milling unit;
  • a Planmeca Creo C5 3D printer; and
  • the Planmeca Romexis dental software platform

“My first encounter with Planmeca was in 2005 during my studies in the US. I had an incredibly positive experience using a Planmeca panoramic and cephalometric imaging unit. Even back then, software was a major part of the overall experience,” Dr Bamashmous recounts.

Fast forward nearly two decades, and software remains at the heart of the Planmeca experience. The Romexis software seamlessly integrates all equipment, creating a unified platform.

A clinician at AQUA Dent Clinics utilises Romexis software. (Image: Planmeca)

“Romexis is very easy and user-friendly. And the software always complements the hardware. The best part about it? It is all-in-one. You can do nearly everything with the same software. It’s beneficial to have everything centralised in one place,” said Dr Bamashmous.

AQUA Dent Clinics has a grand total of nine Planmeca Compact i5 dental units. In addition to their other qualities, the units utilise space in an efficient manner and fully live up to their name.

“One of the best features of the Planmeca Compact i5 is its size. It is very compact indeed. We often also receive compliments about how comfortable the patient chair is,” Dr Bamashmous says.

“The technology is all-in-one, so you don’t need external devices. You can do everything directly from the unit itself. Everything is integrated.”

Planmeca technology is a vital part of enabling AQUA Dent Clinics to offer comprehensive care. (Image: Planmeca)

This integration extends to the Planmeca Emerald S intra-oral scanner. It can be plugged directly into any of the Planmeca dental units and used just like any other instrument.

“The Planmeca Emerald S is very easy to use and became much faster especially with the most recent update. I mainly use it for orthodontic cases,” Dr Bamashmous explains.

The high-level specialist clinic also takes advantage of the latest innovations in imaging. With excellent options for both intra-oral and extra-oral imaging, the clinic can cater for a wide range of imaging requirements and acquire exactly the right type of image for each need, case and situation.

“We use the Planmeca Viso G7 a great deal. The images are second to none. I can’t wait for the new software release. I expect it to further unlock the unit’s imaging potential with AI tools that support diagnostics and surgical planning,” Dr Bamashmous states.

The topic of radiation can be a sensitive one in radiographic imaging. Fortunately, technologies such as the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol allow clinicians to capture high-quality images at doses that have been proved scientifically to be responsible and safe.

“Very rarely, a patient might show concern regarding radiographic imaging. We then explain to them that we always have the option to take a Planmeca Ultra Low Dose image, which has a lower dose than any traditional radiographic image—even lower than the radiation exposure from flying on an airplane,” Dr Bamashmous says.

Planmeca provides clinicians the option of using Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging, reducing radiation output. (Image: Planmeca)

Given his deep interest in technology, it comes as no surprise that Dr Bamashmous has familiarised himself with all the software and hardware at his clinic. He also points that clear documentation helps to better understand the technology.

“Whenever I get new software or equipment, I explore its features and functionalities. If there is a manual, I go through it as well. Planmeca does a really good job with its technical and software manuals,” Dr Bamashmous states.

Expanding dentistry

“The field of dentistry is very diverse in Saudi Arabia. It is rapidly evolving in the country with specialised care expanding and the use of technology growing,” Dr Bamashmous explains.

Among the increased offerings in the country, Dr Bamashmous and AQUA Dent Clinics stand out with their special overall concept and use of advanced technology. The clinic has quickly transformed the idea of what a visit to the dentist is like.

“Dentistry is often associated with stress and pain, but during my studies, I started thinking about someday combining dentistry with a spa experience—about creating a comfortable environment in a great location, a place where even employees are excited to go to. It took time to realise this vision, but it finally happened.”

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