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Planmeca Viso G7 boosts user and patient experience

An established surgeon, Dr Guangyong Wan was one of the first clinicians to install the Planmeca Viso G7 CBCT imaging unit in China. (Image: Guangyong Wan)

Tue. 13. June 2023


TAI’AN, China: An experienced surgeon, Dr Guangyong Wan has been a Planmeca end user for more than 30 years. Based at the Tai’an City Central Hospital’s high-tech zone campus in Shandong province, Dr Wan specialises in treating various oral and maxillofacial conditions. As one of the first Planmeca Viso G7 users in China, he recently shared his experience with this state-of-the-art CBCT imaging unit.

The Tai’an City Central Hospital is very familiar with Planmeca’s high-tech dental equipment. The general hospital is equipped with a fleet of dental devices, including the Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid imaging unit, the Planmeca Compact i Classic dental unit and the Planmeca ProX intra-oral X-ray unit. The newly constructed campus in the Tai’an high-tech zone has both Planmeca ProX and the cutting-edge Planmeca Viso G7.

“I have been using Planmeca Viso G7 for some time now, and I’m very impressed with its capabilities,” said Dr Wan, who is very experienced and highly skilled in the treatment of benign and malignant tumours, as well as of bone and facial deformities.

“The larger [field of view] enables me to take just one 3D image with all the diagnostic information I need. This is much more efficient than taking multiple images for each patient, especially for plastic surgeries and maxillofacial treatment planning. I have used many different imaging systems over the years, but I believe that Planmeca Viso G7 is the best on the market today.”

Dr Wan’s experience with Planmeca products goes as far back as 1991, when he first started using the Planmeca Intra X-ray unit. He was also one of the first to install Planmeca Viso G7 in China.

Features for each and every case

Among the many features Dr Wan appreciates about Planmeca Viso G7 is the ability to tweak the device settings for the specific case. “One that particularly stands out is the Planmeca CALM function, which helps reduce artefacts caused by patient movements for fewer retakes and less patient discomfort.”

“Another great feature has been the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol, which can be used to reduce patient doses without losing valuable diagnostic details. In Tai’an, not many patients know much about exposure and lowering doses, so I simply always choose the green-apple button [to activate the protocol] for my patients in line with the ALADA [as low as diagnostically acceptable] principle.”

Additionally, Dr Wan commends the usability of the newest version of the Planmeca Romexis software, especially the implantology submodules, which support implant treatment planning and surgery. “I use them to create surgical guides based on the implant planning data as well as for implant follow-up, such as stability measurements and bone level analyses.”

He added: “It improves my work efficiency and accuracy as well as the predictability of the dental implant procedure, which ultimately benefits both me and my patients.”

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