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SprintRay – Pro S


Smart Printer. Smarter Solution.

The Pro S 3D printer is designed to improve productivity in your practice.
It’s designed to be easy to learn, train and delegate so you can streamline your practice production workflow.

  • Easy for everyone
    The design of the Pro S makes learning and delegating dental 3D printing easy. User-friendly software and self-monitoring hardware complement each other for the best overall experience.
  • Incredible throughput
    The high print speeds and large print area make the Pro S the optimal choice – whether you’re a high-volume dental lab or a practice just starting out.
  • Integrated intelligence
    Pro S senses its environment, tracks its own activity and recognizes what is needed. Instructions and guidance on the dive screen help you and your staff get the most out of the system.
  • High precision
    Factory calibration enhancements and a new glass projector lens improve accuracy and repeatability. Your patients will be delighted with the accuracy of fit.

World-class technology

DLP refined
The enhanced optics consist of an all-glass design that improves uniformity across the entire build platform. The 100% balanced light output of this enhanced projector means your prints will fit even better. At the heart of the SprintRay Pro S, we’ve taken DLP optical technology to a new level to bring you the absolute best in dental 3D printing.

Advanced Resintank
Advanced tracking with near-field technology allows the Pro S to automatically track the life of each resin tank. This is just one of the ways SprintRay takes the guesswork out of the 3D printing process and helps you maximize every dollar invested in your digital workflow.

Improved chassis
The Pro S features an improved structure that allows for greater Z-axis accuracy. The software-controlled bonding protocol allows curing layers to be adjusted for individual resins with even tighter tolerances. The new chassis is directly connected to the tank mount, eliminating problems due to spring tension and allowing perfect layers for each print.

Smart dental 3D printing
Technology should simplify your workflow, and SprintRay does just that. Using RFID technology, smart sensors, and an intelligent onboard user interface, our products are easy to learn, teach, and use every day.

Intelligent printing platform
There’s a lot in the unassuming Pro S build plate. Inside the machined aluminum block is our first-ever platform heater, which keeps the machine at temperature to ensure maximum adhesion of the build plate to the tank. This heat improves printing results and reduces forces acting on the tank, extending its life. It also integrates instantly with Pro Wash/Dry thanks to a built-in magnet.

The smooth workflow
SprintRay Pro S features completely revamped onboard intelligence designed to deliver the right information at the right time. The Pro S’s new sensor network monitors everything from tank life to reminders to clean the build plate between jobs. PrintOS makes it easy to learn, implement and teach 3D printing in your office.

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