Dental News - Nt-trading to distribute UnionTech’s EvoDent 3-D printers in Europe

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Nt-trading to distribute UnionTech’s EvoDent 3-D printers in Europe

With accuracy, industrial performance, flexibility and value for money all at the forefront of the new collaboration, nt-trading will be distributing UnionTech’s EvoDent 3-D printers to the European market. (Photograph: EvoDent)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 12. October 2018


SHANGHAI, China: When it comes to investing in a 3-D printer, quality, accuracy and predictability are all key elements that will guide a practitioner’s decision. These same factors and more were also crucial in forming the new collaboration between nt-trading, designer of digital application products for dental implantology, and 3-D printing technology provider UnionTech. As part of the new agreement, nt-trading will be distributing UnionTech’s high-performing EvoDent 3-D printer series to the European market.

“During the last three years, we have researched and tested more than 20 different 3-D printers in the market, leading to the clear conclusion that repeatable and trustworthy accuracy and precision is rarely found. We know this is key to our customers relying on the highest accuracy and performance standards in order to provide similarly high-quality dental implantology solutions for their customers and patients around the world,” said nt-trading co-CEO Dirk Jahn.

According to Jahn, with the EvoDent printing solution, nt-trading will be able to provide outstanding performance to its customers, serving “the widest imaginable” indication range, with fast, highly accurate and reliable in-house printing. “Our general philosophy is innovative—top quality—customer-oriented, which are all elements fully addressed and satisfied by this new addition to our portfolio. We trust and carry the advancements of digital dentistry solutions with our customers and in our own organisation,” he continued.

The need to partner with a company who shares the same core values was also a top priority for UnionTech. Operating in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia, the company has nearly 20 years of proven leadership in globally sourced 3-D stereolithographic printing systems and is now the market leader in China. For a number of years, UnionTech has been putting that experience into developing a unique 3-D printing solution dedicated to professional dental applications.

“The breakthrough came at IDS 2017 with the launch of our new EvoDent printer, based on sophisticated DLP [digital light processing] technology, open material philosophy (working with renowned global resin manufacturers, as well as our own materials), unprecedented accuracy, fast printing, and professional handling of more than ten advanced indications in one printer,” explained UnionTech President Barry Tsou.

“From our headquarters in Shanghai, we are pursuing our ambitious dental growth strategy by establishing sales and support organisations and facilities across North America and Europe. We are already seeing a rapid and highly successful uptake of our EvoDent printers in the US, with many dental professionals weekly joining our family of satisfied users,” said Tsou.

Marco Bruchhausen, European sales director of EvoDent, believes the collaboration with nt-trading will bring with it immediate benefits that customers across the board will be able to utilise. This would range from printing sophisticated high-accuracy implant models with the nt-trading two-piece repositionable DIM (Digital Implant Model) Analog to printing high-performance surgical guides, including the nt-trading titanium sleeves, which are supported by the design and implant libraries available via the 3Shape Implant Studio application. “We very much look forward to the strong collaboration with nt-trading,” commented Bruchhausen.

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