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EvoDent D300: New fully automated dental 3D printer unveiled at Dental South China

At this year’s Dental South China, UnionTech has officially announced its new 3D printer that promises to redefine automated production. (All images: UnionTech)

Tue. 19. March 2024


GUANGZHOU, China: From 3 to 6 March, UnionTech, an experienced global leader in stereolithography, made a significant appearance with its new fully automated 3D printer EvoDent D300 at Dental South China. The machine utilises digital light processing (DLP) 3D-printing technology and is designed for large and medium-sized denture processing factories, targeting restoration and implant model applications.

The D300 revolutionises dental production with its fully automated, intelligent 3D-printing system for diverse model types and tasks.

The D300 redefines the dental industry’s automated production paradigm by facilitating an entirely autonomous 3D-printing workflow. This sophisticated system includes a comprehensive suite of automated functionalities, such as intelligent layout optimisation, dynamic job queuing, seamless resin replenishment and precision printing. These are further enhanced by intelligent zoning design and automated unloading and sorting assistance features, supporting the simultaneous printing of various model types and sectional task collection.

For restorative end applications, combining model and abutment designs integrates the dental models, significantly reducing labour costs in post-processing. The D300 boasts high automation throughout the 3D-printing process and is capable of initiating continuous printing tasks with a gap change of less than 0.01 mm during multiplate printing, which ensures extended maintenance cycles and robust work stability.

Equipped with dual 4K projectors and a build volume of 258 × 230 × 120 mm, the D300 achieves unprecedented precision and speed, producing up to 180 dental models in 24 hours with less than 0.07 mm deviation. Each printing cycle is meticulously controlled to keep it within 2 hours, striking an optimal balance between speed and precision. The advanced features of the D300 facilitate round-the-clock operation without human intervention, establishing new efficiency and productivity standards in dental manufacturing processes.

UnioTech also showcased its various specialised 3D-printing materials for dentistry at Dental South China.

In addition to the new printer, the company showcased the EvoDent S200, a DLP 3D printer for dental implants, offering high precision, a sizable design capacity and efficient printing of multiple models simultaneously, enhanced by a 4K projector for superior surface quality. Also on display were various specialised 3D-printing materials for dentistry and the E230, which features UnionTech’s advanced liquid crystal display 3D-printing technology and offers a large build volume and an internal heating system for stable, versatile dental printing across clinics and laboratories.

Beyond the equipment showcase, UnionTech’s dental division experts were fully deployed at Dental South China to answer questions from visitors and share the latest dental 3D-printing solutions online. To provide visitors with a more tangible experience, UnionTech displayed a variety of dental models produced by 3D-printing devices, showcasing the diversified applications of this technology in the dental field.

UnionTech has been a leading enterprise in additive manufacturing since 2000 and launched its 3D-printing brand dedicated to dentistry, EvoDent, in 2017. Through close collaboration with local and international dental experts and continuous technological development, EvoDent now offers advanced and comprehensive automated dental 3D-printing solutions.

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