EvoDent showcases latest dental solutions at Krakdent 2024

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EvoDent showcases latest dental solutions at KRAKDENT 2024

The KRAKDENT international dental fair took place from 11 to 13 April and EvoDent exhibited together with 3D Phoenix Dental. (Image: EvoDent)
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Dental Tribune International

Tue. 23. April 2024


KRAKOW, Poland: 3D-printing specialist EvoDent impressed dental professionals at KRAKDENT 2024 with its comprehensive range of hardware solutions and streamlined digital workflows. The company is committed to providing high-precision, high-speed and high-quality 3Dprinting services, integrating the entire printing process into a single platform. EvoDent said its portfolio serves laboratories and clinics, catering for 3D-printing needs ranging from highly personalised desktop-level customisation to fully automated mass production. 

The KRAKDENT international dental fair took place from 11 to 13 April, and EvoDent exhibited together with Polish company 3D Phoenix Dental. On show was the EvoDent E Series of desktop chairside dental 3D printers—including the E128 and E230 models—which offer users high-precision, high-speed and high-quality dental 3D printing in a compact desktop size. From preprocessing to printing and post-processing, the entire workflow can be completed chairside, significantly enhancing clients’ work efficiency and providing optimal printing capabilities.

The E128 is specifically designed for chairside 3D printing, and it creates an ideal working environment within dental clinics. It offers enhanced flexibility for small-batch production and exceptional cost-effectiveness. Its latest technological advancements result in increased printing speed, improved print stability and compatibility with a wide range of materials.

The E230’s larger-format design allows it to cater for all dental applications in clinical and laboratory settings. (Image: EvoDent)

Building on the strengths of the E128, the E230 features a larger-format design to cater for all dental applications in clinical and laboratory settings. Its moulding chamber includes a heating system that minimises the impact of ambient temperature changes, thereby significantly enhancing printing stability. Advanced technological innovations ensure ultra-high precision and exquisite detailing, delivering extraordinary print quality, and the user-friendly system allows for effortless operation, freeing up hands for other tasks.

EvoDent S300+: High performance for all dental applications

The S300+ is an advanced digital light processing high-precision dental printer and offers iterative improvements on its predecessor, the S300. It has become recognised as an exceptional product on the market for dental 3D-printing applications owing to its capability of printing high-quality restoration models, implant models, guides, movable dental models, orthodontic models, denture bases, crowns, bridges, splints, indirect bonding trays and more.

A precise, high-quality and reliable 3D printer for dentistry, the EvoDent S300+ features a 4K laser projector and was specifically developed to meet the demands of dental laboratories and clinics. It offers a variety of process design packages, making it easy to print a wide range of dental appliances within a build envelope capacity of 250 × 140 × 240 mm. Its utilisation of professional, intelligent algorithms ensures precise fabrication and a light intensity uniformity exceeding 95%.

A comprehensive dental 3D-printing solution

EvoDent offers users a variety of choices, whether it is the desktop-level chairside E-Series 3D printers tailored for dental clinics or the high-precision, high-output S-Series 3D printers developed for larger settings like dental laboratories. Beyond providing 3D printers, EvoDent delivers streamlined workflows and comprehensive 3D-printing solutions. Given the company’s robust production capabilities, high material compatibility and the control software EvoDent ONE, EvoDent is confident about its ability to provide users with a superior 3D-printing experience.

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