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UnionTech to present S300+ at IDS

The EvoDent S300+ is a new generation, large-scale DLP 3D printer for digital dentistry, featuring a built-in Unionfab ONE system for easy printing and enhanced durability through optical path sealing technology.(Image: UnionTech)

Mon. 6. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: UnionTech has announced its plans to showcase a full range of the latest dental 3D-printing solutions at the International Dental Show, scheduled from 14 to 18 March this year. Among the highlights is the introduction of the EvoDent S300+, a high-precision digital light processing 3D printer.

The product’s predecessor EvoDent S300 has quickly become a standout in the dental application market, capable of producing high-quality prosthetic models, implant models, surgical guides, removable dental models, and orthodontic models. Since its launch, it has been adopted by over 1,000 dental institutions worldwide, earning a strong reputation among users.

The S300+ incorporates an aerospace material for its lightweight printing panel, which significantly enhances the efficiency of surface exposure, resulting in a 50% increase in printing speed. Additionally, the printer features a built-in intelligent heating cycle system that precisely maintains a constant temperature in the printing bin, improving the stability of the device by 80%.

Further enhancing its user-friendly design, the S300+ is equipped with status indicators that allow for real-time monitoring of the printing status, ensuring a safe and orderly printing process. The integration of the Unionfab ONE system simplifies operations by providing one-click access to the slicing software, marking a significant improvement over the first generation of S300. The use of optical sealing technology has also greatly extended the lifespan of the optical components.

Improvements in the optical path vertical adjustment from manual to automatic, along with automatic aberration correction, uniformity correction, and avoidance of hole measurement, contribute to a 60% improvement in consistency. The device also features a power correction system with a self-made power meter and automatic correction tooling, further enhancing the precision and reliability of the printing process.

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