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CAD/CAM international No. 2, 2023

Cover / Editorial / Content / E-glass fibres need more fine- tuning before they can be useful in CAD/CAM resin composites / Intra-oral scans may present more humane option for evaluating clefts in infants / News / Industry news / “Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the dynamics of our industry” - An interview with Stephan Kreimer, a master dental technician from Germany / Aspen Dental’s digital denture transformation - An interview with Eric Kukucka / Zero-bake technique: A simplified approach to zirconia aesthetics - An interview with Giuliano Moustakis / Extremely minimally invasive mock-up-guided veneer preparations in the aesthetic area / Restoration of a fractured ceramic crown with a digital workflow / Endocrowns milled from CAD/CAM composites for high strength and flexibility / The copyCAD 3: Crown legacy / Treatment of severe oral pathology in pre-geriatric patients: A proposal for a clinical protocol for same-day dentistry / “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”—Helen Keller / Manufacturer News / Meetings / International Events / Imprint /