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New study identifies affluence as risk factor for tooth wear

GOLD COAST, Australia: High socio-economic status has often been linked to improved health outcomes. However, according to a global study of 30 ...

Interview: “Bruxism requires dentists to look beyond the mouth”

The Greeks had a word for what we now refer to as bruxism: brychein—the grinding or gnashing of teeth. With references to this “gnashing of teeth” in ...

"Our way of preventing oral disease is by remineralising the tooth’s surface"

Our teeth are constantly exposed to mechanical and chemical wear, and with age, our oral immune system becomes less effective at fighting pathogenic ...

Study shows some toothpastes do not protect against erosion and hypersensitivity

BERNE, Switzerland: Over the years, more and more toothpastes have been released on to the market claiming to aid with one thing or another—with a ...