BBB Academy launches own educational campus

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BBB Academy launches own educational campus


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The first webinar on the BBC Academy campus will be broadcast on Tuesday, 5 April and will focus on tissue augmentation. (Image: Praweena style/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 31. March 2022


TURIN, Italy: The international non-profit scientific association Bone, Biomaterials & Beyond (BBB) Academy, which aims to promote research into bone substitutes, has started its own online educational platform. The inaugural webinar will be presented next Tuesday by no other than Dr Tiziano Testori, past president of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration, and will focus on bone and soft-tissue augmentation.

The academy’s general objective is to disseminate knowledge on collagen matrix dual-phase bone substitutes of porcine and equine origin and to review their clinical efficacy and predictability in dental and maxillofacial regenerative surgery.

With its new online campus, the academy offers dental professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of biomaterials while earning valuable continuing education credits. The main topic of the first webinar—bone and soft-tissue augmentation—is often required in aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Dr Testori will explain the most utilised soft- and hard-tissue procedures in clinical practice with the aim of showing participants the least invasive and most conservative techniques for achieving satisfying results. Areas on which he will focus include extraction socket crafting and guided bone regeneration (GBR).

During the webinar, attendees will get to know basic surgical anatomy and incision techniques in hard-tissue surgery, learn how to manage challenging sites through innovative augmentation techniques and find out how to apply advanced surgical instrumentation in regenerative dentistry.

Dental professionals can watch Dr Testori’s webinar, titled “Soft tissue augmentation: State of the art”, live on Tuesday, 5 April, at 9 p.m. CEST.

Live and on-demand webinars on the BBB Academy are accessible free of charge within 30 days of the initial broadcast after registration on the campus. After this period, only full members of the BBB Academy will have access to on-demand webinars. More information on registration as a full member can be found on the BBB Academy’s website.

The next two webinars offered on the BBC Academy campus will focus on how digitalisation can improve GBR and how to optimise outcomes for crestal sinus lift and will be broadcast on 26 April and 10 May, respectively.

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