Dr. Heavenly Kimes restores smile of BLM protester

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Celebrity dentist restores smile of Black Lives Matter protester

A free dental makeover has helped restore the smile of an activist who was the victim of police violence. (Image: Heavenly Kimes/Instagram)

Tue. 4. August 2020


ATLANTA, U.S.: Although most social media feeds have returned to other topics, protests in light of the Black Lives Matter movement are still very much a reality for many Americans—and so is police brutality. An activist who was attacked by a police officer during a demonstration in Chicago has now received a dental makeover by celebrity dentist Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

As a medical professional, author, inspirational speaker, businesswoman and co-star on the Bravo Network’s series “Married to Medicine”, Kimes has generated a huge social media following over the years. Using her influence on social media and skills in dentistry, she has brought awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement by providing a free dental restoration for 18-year-old Miracle Boyd, whose anterior teeth had been knocked out by a Chicago police officer.

Before the procedure began, Kimes and her patient recorded a video, which they later shared on Instagram so that Boyd could tell her story.


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“I was at a protest in Chicago at the Columbus statue, and I was punched in the face by a police officer, because I was recording a male being arrested and I was trying to give him legal help, because when people tend to get arrested at protests, they have a tendency to not tell you who was arrested, and where they are,” said Boyd, who is a college student and an organizer for GoodKids MadCity, a youth-led group that fights for gun violence prevention and a safer community. “So, I was trying to get his information, his first and last name, and there were two cops who walked up to me, and one of them punched me in the face, and he knocked my tooth out. I was bleeding really bad. I had pain in my teeth. It was one of the worst days of my life.”


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After the treatment, Kimes published before and after photographs of her patient with the caption: “My beautiful Miracle, I’m soo sorry this happened to you! Glad I could help.”

In the comment section on her Instagram page, Kimes, who has a following of almost 900,000 people, received considerable praise for her voluntary work and for raising awareness about ongoing police violence in the U.S.

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