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Dentists can now future-proof their treatment units

The diverse Built-in-Solutions by W&H allows dentists to work with several integrated user solutions at the same time. (Image: W&H)

Tue. 3. July 2018


BÜRMOOS, Austria: With its new Built-in Solutions, W&H, a leading manufacturer of dental instruments and devices, is now offering a range of its drive solutions integrated into dental units. This makes it possible to equip existing treatment units with new functionalities and innovative motors, thereby customising them to suit the changing needs of dentists as their work and the profession evolve.

This diverse offering allows users to work with several integrated user solutions at the same time. With piezo-scalers for periodontal and prophylactic treatment and brushless electric motors for restorative, prosthetic and endodontic treatments, W&H Built-in Solutions have a product for every field of application.

The highest level of treatment efficiency, optimal ergonomics and maximum comfort for both the user and patient alike are at the heart of W&H Built-in Solutions, according to the company. The integrated drive solutions render surgical trolleys superfluous and multiple foot controls a thing of the past, saving time, and reducing complexity and cost. All applications can be controlled centrally via the control unit or the dental unit’s foot control.

Providing increased efficiency, W&H Built-in Solutions allow users to manage their time more efficiently. The Built-in Solutions with proven W&H quality give dental professionals clear benefits in their day-to-day work.

According to the manufacturer, W&H Built-in Solutions are the answer to dentists’ need for efficient, holistic dental system solutions that can be integrated into units. With their performance, reliability and future-proofing, the Built-in Solutions from W&H fulfil dental professionals’ requirements regarding innovation and quality, as well as provide added value throughout the dental value creation chain.

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