Interview with Drs Marc Baranes and Jérôme Lipowicz on ADF 2021 sessions


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Drs Marc Baranes (left) and Jérôme Lipowicz at the Digital Indian Summer 2021 conference in Bordeaux organised by WorkFlows. (Image: Jérôme Lipowicz)
Bénédicte Claudepierre, Dental Tribune France

By Bénédicte Claudepierre, Dental Tribune France

Fri. 26. November 2021


Drs Marc Baranes and Jérôme Lipowicz are practising dentists in Paris in France and are founding members of the Académie de Chirurgie Guidée (Academy of guided surgery). Together with seven other speakers at the French Dental Association (ADF) congress 2021, they will be leading a hands-on workshop on digital planning and guided implant placement on 26 November. Dental Tribune France spoke with them to get a preview of their session.

Dr Lipowicz, you are participating for the first time as a session leader at the ADF. What is your state of mind as you approach your speech?
First of all, I’m very excited about the idea of meeting people in person. Recently, we have started to resume plenary sessions and to return to podiums. We recently gave a lecture on digital workflow in edentulous patients at the WorkFlows Digital Indian Summer conference in Bordeaux and at the Digital Dentistry Society Global Congress 2021 in Cernobbio at Lake Como in Italy in the beginning of November. I am sincerely pleased to have had the support of the ADF Scientific Committee to chair a session titled “Follow the guide!” introduced by Dr Karim Nasr. In this session, talented speakers—Drs Antonietta Bordone, Cyril Perez, Renaud Noharet, Bertrand Hervé and Arnaud Jeu—will address the topic of guidance in endodontics, prosthetics and surgery.

Dr Lipowicz, you say that you have recently started to meet people again in person. How have the attendees received the training sessions and conferences? Do you feel any anxiety?
After leading or contributing to more than 70 webinars since the first lockdown, I can say that people are very happy to be back with us, and there is no fear on their part. They are happy to be back in touch with one another and to experience that excitement that you don’t necessarily get from virtual meetings.

Dr Baranes, you are chairing the practical workshop “Digital planning and surgical guidance” which will take place on Friday, 26 November. Can you tell us more about it?
The entire academy team will be speaking at this workshop. The guided surgery dream team will be completed with Drs Jérôme Lipowicz, Frédéric Chamieh, Ahmed Rabiey, Axel Azogui, Mathieu Rousset, Nicolas Davido, Olivier Boujenah and Laurent Sers, as well as dental technician Francesco Zammillo.

The workshop will be very intense because in 3 hours we will have to repeat the live guided surgery case given on Friday afternoon “From virtual planning to clinical reality” by Dr Philippe Rosec.

We will deal with the maxillary anterior region, which is a particularly delicate site. The correct implant axis is often difficult to obtain and maintain until the implant is placed, so we decided to show the advantages and possible limitations of using a surgical guide from computer-aided planning in this area.

In this hands-on workshop, we will carry out the planning with various software and implant systems. Forty participants will have the chance to try out all the philosophies by testing various guided surgery systems. This is truly an unprecedented course!

Through this TV demonstration, coupled with the practical workshop, we want to give general practitioners the keys to understanding the challenges of guided surgery in implantology and enable them to put the lessons into daily practice. It is a session that will complement Dr Nicolas Boutin’s workshop on navigation-assisted implantology, which I will also attend.

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A longer version of this interview in French can be accessed here.

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