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ACTEON Group excited for ADF 2021

The ACTEON team is looking forward to welcoming dental professionals and industry partners at Booth 1L31 at ADF 2021. (Image: DTI)


Thu. 25. November 2021


PARIS, France: The ACTEON team is very happy to be able to meet its partners and customers once again at the 2021 French Dental Association Conference and Exhibition (ADF 2021) in order to share its latest innovations with them and to interact with the dental industry. The company will showcase several innovations related to the workflows that dentists, surgeons, hygienists and assistants use in their daily practice and will explain how these workflows make daily procedures more efficient and effective.

ADF 2021 is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to partners, so that they can share their ideas with the company in order for the ACTEON team to do its best possible work. ACTEON is a company of about 760 people based around the world serving clients in over 120 countries. It is a great honour and responsibility to provide customers with the best possible solutions in a connected, efficient, effective and economical way.

According to the company, “ACTEON is all about the patient”. (Image: DTI)

In this respect, ACTEON is all about the patient. Ultimately, it is about the best possible care for the patient and how this can be made available to care providers around the world. The workflows presented at ADF 2021 include prosthetic workflows, implant workflows, prophylactic workflows and endodontic workflows. They include: the best technologies that ACTEON has to offer in imaging, including radiographic and intra-oral imaging; the software that brings all of this together; ultrasonic surgery; conventional ultrasonics; and the precision instruments that are used to carry out normal procedures every single day. ACTEON also offers pharmaceutical products that help make patients comfortable and help make the various procedures as effective as possible. In this world of different products and services united under the umbrella of the ACTEON Group, the needs of all customers can be met in the most efficient way.

ACTEON invites their partners to make a stop at the company’s booth (#1L31) or to get in touch via their social media channels @acteongroup.

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