KaVo Academy launched to provide high-quality online dental education

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KaVo Academy launched to provide high-quality online dental education


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KaVo Dental's new e-learning platform, KaVo Academy, provides a wide selection of live and on-demand webinars for dental professionals. (Image: NicoElNino/Shutterstock)

BIBERACH AN DER RISS, Germany: Owing to these unprecedented times, many upcoming dental educational events have had to be rescheduled or cancelled entirely. Online education is positioned to fill this gap, as it offers a practical way to learn from the safety of one’s home. KaVo Dental has thus taken the opportunity to launch KaVo Academy, an online educational platform that will offer dental professionals a variety of informative and timely webinars.

After a quick and easy registration process, dental professionals will be able to participate in a number of live webinars and access KaVo Academy’s substantial multilingual library of on-demand webinars. Several webinars in English and German are already scheduled, and many more are planned for the rest of the year, according to Dr Frank Emde, KaVo Dental’s director of professional education and of clinical affairs.

“Online webinars have become an essential pillar for continuing education within the dental community,” Emde told Dental Tribune International. “We can see this in the current coronavirus-caused shutdown in many countries, where one’s physical presence at congresses and hands-on courses is not possible. However, webinars have been a growing industry for some years now, and there is strong demand for these free-of-charge, continuously available training sessions.”

Dr Frank Emde. (Image: KaVo Dental)

“KaVo Academy brings together scientific perspectives and practical tips across a range of topics to support our customers in their daily work,” Emde added.

Emde will launch KaVo Academy on Wednesday, 13 May, by giving a webinar in which he will discuss common diagnostic methods for dental caries and how alternative technologies can be integrated into these workflows. Emde will illuminate the value of DIAGNOcam, a near-infrared transillumination device from KaVo, for enabling early caries diagnosis and improving patient compliance.

The webinar, titled “Win with diagnostic insights: Near-infrared transillumination for caries detection”, will be broadcast live at 9 a.m. CEST.

Ensuring treatment unit longevity through proper hygiene

Birgit Schulze. (Image: KaVo Dental)

Though the importance of proper hygiene has long been common knowledge in dental practices, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought this topic firmly to the attention of the general public. In this webinar, Birgit Schulze, a specialist in hygiene and care of treatment units at KaVo, will detail the steps dental professionals should take to ensure hygiene while maintaining the value of their practices’ treatment units.

Schulze’s 1-hour webinar, titled “Value preservation and hygiene management of treatment units—important not only in times of corona”, will be broadcast live on Wednesday, 27 May, at 9 a.m. CEST. She will also hold a German-language version of this webinar on the same day at 1 p.m. CEST.

How instruments can influence prophylaxis success

Ulrike Nagorr. (Image: KaVo Dental)

In recent years, the role of prophylaxis in the dental practice has become increasingly multifaceted. Though it has clear benefits for caries avoidance and for the management of periodontal disease, prophylaxis can also be an important economic pillar owing to the increased aesthetic demands of patients. Ulrike Nagorr, a specialist in instruments and treatment units at KaVo, will thus present a 1-hour webinar discussing how KaVo’s range of prophylaxis instruments can provide dental professionals with the tools necessary to offer high-quality preventive care.

The webinar, titled “World of smile: The right instruments for successful prophylaxis”, will be broadcast live on Wednesday, 3 June, at 9 a.m. CEST. Nagorr will then present the webinar in German at 2 p.m. CEST on the same day.

Preserving the value of dental instruments

Gerhard Schäle. (Image: KaVo Dental)

When dental instruments come into direct contact with patients, both contamination and instrument wear occur. To counteract these effects, stringent hygiene standards must be in place, as this will both benefit patients and potentially extend the longevity of the practice’s equipment. Gerhard Schäle, a specialist in instruments at KaVo, will deal with this important topic in a free webinar on KaVo Academy.

The webinar, titled “Value preservation and hygiene management of dental instruments”, will be broadcast live on Wednesday, 17 June, at 9 a.m. CEST. Schäle will also give a German-language presentation of this webinar that day at 1 p.m. CEST.

KaVo was founded in Germany more than 100 years ago and has since developed a global presence, boasting over 3,000 employees and 18 subsidiaries worldwide that create and sell high-quality products that establish new market standards. One of the international dental industry’s leading companies, KaVo focuses on dental instruments, equipment and education, as well as imaging and diagnostics.

Further information about upcoming webinars can be found on the KaVo Academy website.

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