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Medit makes statement on recent patent infringement lawsuit

By Dental Tribune International
February 26, 2020

DÜSSELDORF, Germany/SEOUL, South Korea: After having filed a patent infringement suit against Medit earlier last year, 3Shape has obtained a favourable first instance decision. Medit has apologised to the dental community for its involvement in the legal dispute, but has stated that it will be seeking to void patent claims.

“We regret that the German dental community is shouldering the burden of this legal dispute,” said Minho Chang, founder and CEO of Medit.

Just last month, Dental Tribune International reported on a court ruling that proclaimed that Medit’s i500 intra-oral scanner violates 3Shape’s European patent no. 2568870B1 regarding its hole-closing technology. According to Medit, compared with the damage caused to the dynamically growing market of intra-oral scanners, the reason for the legal dispute is relatively small and could have been resolved without going to court.

Irrespective of the ruling, Medit stated that its partners can continue to showcase and sell the Medit i500 in its current form, and its customers and interested parties can continue to use, test and order the scanner as before. Furthermore, the company has recently provided its customers with a software update which can be installed in just a few easy steps.

“We apologise to our user community, partners, distributors and ultimately anyone interested in intra-oral scanners who have been unsettled by this litigation or experienced any inconvenience because of it,” Chang added.

The patent in question concerns the scanning of cavities with restricted accessibility. Medit believes that, since the hole-closing technology is widely known and has been used in various industries for decades, the validity of the patent is questionable. Therefore, Medit has brought an annulment action to void the patent.

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