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Philips introduces future of oral health care and patient care

Damla Ozcan (right), Senior Global Marketing Manager, Philips Oral Health Care, presenting the new DiamondClean Smart toothbrush that connects to an app via Bluetooth. (Photograph: Daniel Zimmermann, DTI)

Tue. 21. March 2017


COLOGNE, Germany: On Tuesday, oral health care provider Philips hosted its customary media breakfast at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. In addition to the digital innovations presented, the company announced the latest clinical research results and its new industry partnerships with the FDI World Dental Federation and a Swiss dental manufacturer.

The oral health care provider introduced the new DiamondClean Smart toothbrush, Philips Sonicare’s new flagship innovation, and the Philips Sonicare Breath care system with a breath analyser. These two unique, connected products are aimed at inspiring patients to take better care of their oral health.

The DiamondClean Smart delivers oral care results with built-in smart sensor technology in the toothbrush and personalised coaching through the platform to help improve the user’s brushing technique. The Philips Sonicare Breath care system, featuring the new connected breath analyser, measures, tracks and helps the user address the impact of oral bacteria on breath quality, improving the user’s breath and oral care habits. Both products seamlessly sync with the Philips Sonicare app, giving users the data and guidance to empower them to proactively manage and improve their oral health. “At Philips, our mission is to improve people’s lives, as a true health care partner and leader in digital innovation,” said Egbert van Acht, head of the Health and Wellness business group at Philips.

As Philips Sonicare is committed to partnering with dental professionals to develop new products based on clinical evidence of their safety and efficacy, it presented the latest results of such research. New studies include findings on Philips Sonicare power toothbrushing versus manual toothbrushing in a meta-analysis of 18 studies, and a head-to-head study comparing the effect of the high-frequency, high-amplitude mechanism of action of Philips Sonicare’s DiamondClean brush to the oscillating-rotating action of a similar product.

Philips also announced its partnership with the FDI and their 2017 Live Mouth Smart global campaign for World Oral Health Day, to raise awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of taking care of one’s mouth, teeth and gingivae at each stage of one’s life. In Germany, the company is now also partnering with EMS (Electro Medical Systems) to establish a new and unique prevention protocol that integrates professional prophylaxis in dental offices with at-home preventative care.

IDS visitors are invited to Philips’s booth (G010–J019 in Hall 11.3) to try out all of its new products and find out more about the company.

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