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Primea Advanced Air: Absolute control and high efficiency


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According to W&H, its Primea Advanced Air System offers many benefits to both dental professionals and patients. (Image: W&H)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Wed. 28. March 2018


With its Primea Advanced Air System, Austrian-based company W&H is setting new benchmarks in the dental market. Compared with traditional turbines, the innovative drive system provides new possibilities in practice. As an all-rounder in the field of high-speed preparation, the device has functions that offer users absolute control and allow them to work particularly efficiently, according to the company.

Owing to the combination of an air drive and electronic controls, the Primea Advanced Air System is a drive solution for high-speed preparation that ensures constant cutting performance even when pressure is increased. The bur speed of the turbine can be adjusted from 60,000 rpm to 320,000 rpm and remains constant at all times throughout treatment.

The stability of the selected speed when varying pressure is exerted on the bur is ensured by sophisticated sensor technology in the head of the turbine and digital airflow control in the control module of the Primea Advanced Air System. Complex applications, such as cutting crowns and bridges, removing old fillings and finishing preparation margins, can thus be performed with ease.

In addition to the innovative drive technology, the Primea Advanced Air turbine offers all the advantages of a W&H Synea Vision turbine, the company said. Ergonomically designed, light and perfectly balanced, the turbine allows relaxed working without fatigue. In addition, the sterilisable 5x ring LED+ of the RK-97 L ensures perfect illumination. Dentists benefit from the completely shadow-free illumination of the preparation site, and patients from improved treatment safety.

Alternatively, W&H also offers a turbine with a single LED+, the RG-97 L. The integrated 5x spray with its five outlet nozzles ensures cooling and cleaning of the treatment site. The turbines are very quiet and provide optimal tactile feedback. The special scratch-resistant surface coating guarantees particular durability and retains the value of the instruments.

Furthermore, the Primea Advanced Air System can easily be used as an add-on version or integrated into new units or existing units as a built-in solution. This makes it possible to upgrade dental units with future-oriented technology, giving them an innovation boost.

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