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Second Opinion, please: AI-assisted dental radiology tool approved for Australia and New Zealand


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Pearl, a leader in artificial intelligence systems for dentistry, has announced that its Second Opinion computer vision platform will soon be available to most dental clinics in Australasia. (Image: Pearl)
Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

By Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

Wed. 27. October 2021


LOS ANGELES, US: Health regulators in New Zealand and Australia have provided market authorisation for Second Opinion, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that assists in dental radiology. Second Opinion is the flagship product of dental technology company Pearl, which says that the tool will ensure that patients in the two countries receive a higher standard of dental care.

Second Opinion received the European CE mark earlier this year, and in October, it received clearance as an assistive tool for use in dental radiology from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and New Zealand’s Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

Pearl refers to Second Opinion as a computer vision platform that can identify and measure an array of pathologies, existing restorations and anatomy in dental radiographs. The company explained in a press release that Second Opinion applies radiological computer vision that highlights potential areas of interest and provides dentists with a second set of eyes when interpreting radiographs. It helps “dentists ensure that patient care decisions are based on the strongest foundation possible and to give dentists a new level of assurance when communicating findings to patients,” the company said.

“Our Second Opinion technology enables dentists to perform their job more confidently, see more patients and ensure a higher standard of need-based care”
– Ophir Tanz, CEO, Pearl

According to Pearl, patients will also benefit from the technology. “Patients in Australia and New Zealand will soon have the opportunity to experience AI during dental appointments and gain assurance that they are receiving the best diagnosis and treatment plan based on their individual needs,” Ophir Tanz, CEO and founder of Pearl, commented in the media release. “Our Second Opinion technology enables dentists to perform their job more confidently, see more patients and ensure a higher standard of need-based care. All of these factors are driving growth and better patient outcomes in dentistry,” Tanz added.

Second Opinion was exhibited at Pearl’s booth during the International Dental Show in Cologne in Germany in September. Tanz said during the trade fair: “The moment dentists and patients experience Second Opinion, they’ll understand why we’ve been so vocal about AI’s potential to revolutionise dentistry.”

Pearl says that the technology will soon be available to dentists in Australia and New Zealand and that dental clinics in the two countries can register for early access to the software.

The regulatory approvals, Pearl said, were a sign of growing recognition of the use of AI in dentistry.

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