Dental News - AI-assisted dental radiology solution Second Opinion from Pearl receives UAE clearance

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AI-assisted dental radiology solution Second Opinion from Pearl receives UAE clearance

The UAE is the latest country to license Pearl’s flagship dental AI solution. (Image: Pearl)

Tue. 8. February 2022


LOS ANGELES, US/DUBAI, UAE: The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention has authorised the use of Second Opinion, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that assists in dental radiology. Produced by the company Pearl, the device is designed to help dental professionals scan and detect a wide range of dental conditions using radiographs.

Second Opinion applies computer vision technologies to detect a comprehensive array of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy in dental radiographs. According to the company, the system analyses radiographs in real time, allowing dentists to display, review, add or reject the system’s detections while conducting examinations.

“With Second Opinion cleared, patients in the UAE can begin to gain the many benefits of AI-assisted dentistry and greater assurance in quality of care at Second Opinion-equipped dental practices,” said Dr Oussama Alaoui, head of prosthodontics at Harmony Medical Center in Abu Dhabi, in a press release. He added: “I look forward to witnessing the revolutionary impact and advantages that AI will bring to our dental care.”

Ophir Tanz, CEO and founder of Pearl, commented on the market launch: “Our Second Opinion technology enables more efficient and transparent doctor–patient communication while facilitating a higher standard of care. With the implementation of the platform in the UAE, we are excited to take a first step towards driving growth and better patient outcomes across Middle Eastern dentistry.”

In an interview, Tanz said that Second Opinion improves doctor–patient communication as dentists can clearly communicate their diagnosis with the support of the tool, giving their patients a greater sense of assurance. “It eliminates the doubt that makes patients seek a second opinion elsewhere—that is why we call it Second Opinion,” he explained.

The latest clearance follows the solution’s CE-marking in Europe, its Medical Device Establishment License for use in Canada, its clearance from the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and, in New Zealand, its clearance from the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

More information on Second Opinion can be found at

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