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Tested and Reviewed, Part 5: DENTTABS tooth cleaning tablets

This fifth part of an ongoing review series discusses eco-friendly toothpaste by German company DENTTABS. (Photograph: DENTTABS)
Monique Mehler, Dental Tribune International

Monique Mehler, Dental Tribune International

Wed. 19. June 2019


When it comes to toothbrushing, consumers and dentists are confronted with such a vast range of choices and new products entering the market on a monthly basis that it becomes difficult to keep track. This series of reviews aims to answer possible questions by evaluating innovations from the world of dentistry. Part 5 of Tested and Reviewed will look at an eco-friendly and zero-waste toothpaste alternative.

What are DENTTABS?

With its tablets, German company DENTTABS provides a sustainable, plastic-free toothpaste alternative, with or without fluoride, for the environmentally aware consumer.

The packaging

DENTTABS tablets come in paper-laminated foil made from cornflour. The packaging is completely plastic-free and biodegradable and can be disposed of in the household organic waste. Online orders are dispatched in an envelope made from recycled paper.

The ingredients

It is not just the external packaging that matters to DENTTABS. The company also aims at including only the most natural ingredients in its product in order to protect teeth from calculus and caries. Therefore, DENTTABS avoids using chemicals such as preservatives and thickeners.


Using toothpaste in tablet form might need some getting used to, but it is, overall, quite straightforward. A tablet is placed in the mouth and chewed until it becomes creamy, then the teeth are brushed with a wet toothbrush for 2 minutes as normal. A DENTTABS tablet does not foam up like mainstream toothpastes because the company has elected not to put sulphates in the product. The lack of foaming can make the chewed tablet feel a little dry at first and give the impression that more than one tablet is needed. This is not the case, though, since one tablet is designed to provide a sufficient amount of toothpaste for one brushing session.


Apart from the environmental factor, a considerable advantage is that DENTTABS tablets are handy for travel. They are space-saving and there is no need to worry about leakage or the restrictions on carry-on liquids for flights. One potential problem, however, is that it may be difficult to source DENTTABS tablets because they are only available in selected shops and packaging-free grocery stores. This can be overcome by placing an order online.


Overall, the environmental aspect and the natural ingredients used in DENTTABS are the main advantages of the product. Even though it may take some time to get used to their consistency and handling, the tablets do the required job of cleaning teeth and keeping the oral cavity healthy.

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