Tested and Reviewed, Part 3: The Bam & Boo toothbrush

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Tested and Reviewed, Part 3: The Bam & Boo toothbrush


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This third part of an ongoing review series discusses an eco-friendly toothbrush by Portuguese company Bam & Boo. (Photograph: Bam & Boo)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Fri. 14. September 2018


When it comes to toothbrushing, consumers and dentists are confronted with such a vast range of choices and new products entering the market on a monthly basis that it becomes difficult to keep track. What is the best toothbrush out there? What is currently the most advanced technology? Which toothbrush is worth recommending to patients who want to improve their oral health? Are there any toothbrushes that are good for both the consumer and environment? This series of reviews aims to answer these questions by evaluating innovations from the world of dentistry.

What’s in the box?
The Bam & Boo toothbrush, which is 100 per cent vegan and up to 95 per cent biodegradable, is packaged in casing that is just as eco-friendly as the toothbrush itself. The carton is paper and the protective bag around the toothbrush is made from polylactic acid, which is derived from renewable resources such as corn or cassava starch.

As for the toothbrush handle, it is handmade from moso bamboo sourced in Asia. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is naturally antibacterial. Therefore, it makes for a great renewable toothbrush material. The bristles are made of BPA-free nylon 6 and account for the 5 per cent of the toothbrush that is not biodegradable but recyclable.

Design and functionality
Since the Bam & Boo toothbrush is manual, there is nothing special worth noting about its functionality—it works like any other standard toothbrush. The bamboo handle feels smooth and light and can easily be cleaned with water. Toothpaste residue does not stain the handle or the bristles.

The toothbrush head has bristles that are soft yet firm enough to give the feeling of a proper clean afterwards. When using the toothbrush for the first time, it is noticeable straight away that the toothbrush head is rather big. This needs some getting used to and one might need a few tries to establish a brushing technique. For children, it is definitely recommended to opt for the smaller toothbrush size.

The Bam & Boo toothbrushes are available in two sizes: “adult” and “kid”. While the children’s size is only available with soft bristles, the adult’s size can be purchased in either soft or medium. Either size is available in different colours, such as blue, pink, black and neutral. Whereas the coloured brush heads feature multilevel bristles, the neutral-coloured ones are flat and pointy. However, the shape is not noticeable when brushing and does not affect the end result at all.

Subscription service
Bam & Boo offers a subscription model that conveniently delivers a new toothbrush to the customer’s house every three months (or any period that the consumer chooses). This service is especially handy since changing one’s toothbrush is recommended by all dental professionals to avoid bacteria build-up. Also, a well-used and worn toothbrush compromises the cleaning effect. Hence, this service is convenient for patients who are on the slightly forgetful side. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and includes free shipping worldwide.

As stated, the size of the toothbrush head, which does not compromise the cleaning effect at all, might be something to consider prior to placing an order. Overall, the Bam & Boo toothbrush is the perfect product for all eco-friendly consumers who are trying to make a change in the world while taking care of their own oral health.

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