DEXIS provides improved intra-oral scanning workflows

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The latest intra-oral scanning solutions from DEXIS provide improved digital workflows to dental clinics

Clinicians have long counted on DEXIS to provide seamless workflows, and thanks to updated collaborations, dental practices can add new services with ease, expanding treatment possibilities and enhancing patient satisfaction. (Image: DEXIS)

Mon. 7. August 2023


QUAKERTOWN, Penn., US: DEXIS has announced that clinicians will be able to advance their practice and consequently improve their patient experience thanks to collaboration with key industry brands to develop state-of-the-art digital workflows based on DEXIS IOS Solutions. Through compatibility with other brand ecosystems, clinicians who rely on DEXIS will be able to add services and technology to expand their existing practice, boosting their productivity and enhancing ease of use.

Amir Aghdaei, president and CEO of Envista Holdings Corp., which owns the DEXIS brand, commented: “By further integrating DEXIS IOS Solutions into the broader Envista offerings, we are providing dentists with the solutions they need to provide exceptional and personalised care for their patients. We are committed to helping dental practitioners improve patient outcomes and grow their practice through digital innovation.”

The new digital end-to-end workflows will enable practitioners to add aligner and denture treatments as well as in-house printing in conjunction with the orthodontic workflow provided by Envista brand Ormco for its Spark aligners. The addition of a patient engagement app from IS ScanFlow will allow practitioners to show patients a simulated outcome of their orthodontic treatment, enabling them to visualise the treatment outcome chairside. Integrated digital transfer of the data sets to the Spark software streamlines the process, facilitating prompt treatment.

But the collaboration does not end there, as DEXIS IOS Solutions has also announced that definitive ceramic crowns fabricated in office for same-day restoration will now be possible through access to the SprintRay 3D-printing ecosystem. It used to take days to create appliances, crowns and surgical guides, but utilising the artificial intelligence integrated into the SprintRay Cloud Design program, these can be created in just minutes. Clinicians can use the DEXIS intra-oral scanner they already have and simply upload the data set directly from either DTX Studio Clinic or IS ScanFlow to the SprintRay portal, eliminating the need to manually select files, enter redundant patient information and design the restoration or appliance.

 “Offering same-day restorations can give practitioners a distinct competitive advantage...”

Aghdaei elaborated on the collaboration, “By combining DEXIS intra-oral scanners with SprintRay’s ecosystem, dental practitioners can offer same-day delivery of crowns and appliances, increasing their productivity by completing more procedures in a shorter amount of time. Offering same-day restorations can give practitioners a distinct competitive advantage, as patients often prefer the convenience of single-visit appointments, enabling dental practitioners to expand their services and attract patients seeking fast and convenient dental treatment.”

All of the laboratory work involved in manual matching and aligning of data sets is no longer required with Version 1.0.9 of IS ScanFlow, as the workflow combines the capture of the bite registration and prosthesis along with the edentulous and denture scans. Tips are provided within the software to make the edentulous data acquisition much easier.

For clinicians looking to upgrade their hardware, DEXIS IOS Solutions has introduced the ergonomic and ultra-lightweight (190 g) IS 3800 wired scanner, which offers the same high-speed performance as the award-winning IS 3800W wireless scanner.

Partnering with Envista brings dental practices access to both prescriptive end-to-end workflows and open workflows, enabling collaboration with their preferred laboratory or manufacturer. These latest workflows further align with Envista’s intention to digitise, personalise and democratise dental care, supporting dental practitioners in the provision of optimal patient care through enhanced productivity and predictability of treatment.

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