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SprintRay introduces product innovations for fast dental 3D-printing workflow

The SprintRay 3D-printing ecosystem was designed for the needs of dental professionals. (Image: SprintRay)


Tue. 7. February 2023


LOS ANGELES, US/WEITERSTADT, Germany: With a focus on dental 3D printing, SprintRay is continuously developing its technology and products to deliver its unique frictionless workflows to dentists and laboratories.

The company was founded in 2014 in the US and opened its European office in Weiterstadt in Germany in April 2021. At its 3D Digital Experience Center, SprintRay Europe enables customers to experience all SprintRay solutions live. In addition, it offers direct customer support and quality control services from its German base. This makes up part of SprintRay’s philosophy.

The company’s philosophy is shared with SprintRay’s global brand ambassador, Usain Bolt, an Olympic champion and world record holder in the 100 m sprint. In the spirit of this partnership, SprintRay continuously works with “Bolt speed” to make its solutions even faster, more intuitive and user-friendly.

With this goal in mind, SprintRay is introducing new products that add to an already well-proven system in order to allow customers to bring their dental workflow to the next level.

The new intelligent features of the Pro S range of 3D printers offer an upgrade in workflow and make the printers even easier to use. The printers have smart sensors that support printing preparation and prevent user error. Additionally, the heated printing platform, resin tank and novel software deliver exceptional accuracy, and radio-frequency identification technology allows Pro S to track the lifetime of each resin tank.

There is also the all-new printing software, RayWare Cloud. It works with Smart Print AI, which automatically handles orientation and layout and builds supporting structures. This allows the user to start printing in only a few clicks. Since RayWare is now integrated into SprintRay Cloud, the user will not have to run any software updates again.

To finish off the 3D-printing workflow, SprintRay has also introduced the two-stage, fully automated washing and drying system called Pro Wash/Dry and the latest postpolymerising unit, ProCure 2. Thanks to advancements in thermodynamics and an all-new high-intensity UVA light module that scans along the complete polymerisation chamber, ProCure 2 significantly reduces polymerisation times. Whereas crowns used to take 40 minutes to polymerise, they now take less than 2 minutes. For improved efficiency, users can choose from a selection of preset polymerisation profiles.

Besides the hardware and software upgrades, SprintRay has introduced new EU-certified materials. For each indication, users can choose between SprintRay resins and resins from the company’s market-leading partners.

To complete the workflow, dental professionals can also outsource their design to SprintRay. By uploading their intra-oral scans to the dashboard, they will receive ready-to-print STL files of nightguards, crowns, models for aligner production and more in short turnover times.

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