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“We drive change”: Henry Schein outlines future at sales meeting in Germany

Henry Schein CEO Stanley M. Bergman thanked the German sales representatives for their great job and encouraged them to keep up the good work. Germany is the company‘s second-largest market after the US. (Photograph: Yvonne Bachmann, DTI)
Yvonne Bachmann, DTI

Yvonne Bachmann, DTI

Fri. 2. February 2018


BERLIN, Germany: This week, international dental solutions provider Henry Schein Dental gathered its German sales representatives in Berlin to provide them with the latest information and training. Besides a large number of sales team members from the country and the European management team, the opening event was attended by Henry Schein Chairman of the Board and CEO Stanley M. Bergman and President Global Dental Group Jim Breslawski, who gave an outlook on the company’s plans.

Progress in technology, including speed and efficiency, as well as the power of data, were the main topics on Bergman’s agenda for the day. “The world is moving at an extremely fast pace,” he said. “Our job as an organisation is to help our customers through the industrial revolution—the technological and digital revolution.”

In his speech, Bergman recognised the German sales team for its hard work and performance at the 2017 International Dental Show, hosted in Cologne in Germany, which boosted the company’s sales significantly. Looking ahead to the next three years, he advised the sales representatives to pursue customer relationships and collaboration among all the various areas of Henry Schein. “We have so many solutions to offer to our customers and we need to help them deal with the technology so that they can concentrate to provide better clinical care,” he explained.

Bergman made clear that, like any other company, Henry Schein will have to continually adapt to external market circumstances, such as unconventional competitors, changing customer demands and dragging economic growth. “In 2008, the dental market was growing twice as fast as it is now,” he explained.

“Our job is to help our customers be successful,” the CEO said, calling on his team to fulfil the role of customer advisers. In response to Amazon entering the dental sales business, Henry Schein is focusing even more on client support and services and its outstanding network. Following the claims “One Schein” and the event motto “We connect dental faster”, the company both sells its own dental portfolio and acts as a distributor of other companies’ dental products and offers extensive education and training in addition to a wide range of other value-added services. “Our goal is to become the iPad of dentistry,” said Bergman, explaining the principle of offering customers a full-service platform.

Henry Schein currently employs about 3,000 sales representatives in 34 countries worldwide who have helped make the company number one in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Despite being a global company with a long history, Henry Schein must of necessity respond to the new Amazon development.  “Amazon is a very pervasive part of our lives. Amazon is going to be here,” Breslawski said in highlighting Henry Schein’s strengths. “We actually can do anything that Amazon can do, but Amazon cannot do what we can do.”

Breslawski explained that, among other things, Amazon cannot be the trusted advisor and customer's partner and does not have such a comprehensive product portfolio and service offering, including advice, field sales, repair service and telesales.

For the near future, Bergman and Breslawski announced investments in technology. Bergman commented, “In 85 years, we have been through many challenges. We drive change.”

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