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Henry Schein to present advancements in endodontics at ROOTS SUMMIT

Henry Schein is inviting all ROOTS SUMMIT attendees to visit Booth 1F4 for a look at its extensive product portfolio. (Image: ROOTS SUMMIT)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 25. June 2018


BERLIN, Germany: Over the past few years, dentistry has undergone tremendous development through health care innovations with the advent of digital dental technologies and the introduction of new materials and treatment concepts. This has been changing the way in which dentistry is practised, including endodontics, one of the most complex treatment fields in modern dentistry.

Henry Schein, a global provider of business, clinical, technology and supply chain solutions to enhance the efficiency of office-based dental practitioners, will be showcasing its endodontic portfolio at ROOTS SUMMIT 2018. The event is taking place from 28 June to 1 July at the European School of Management and Technology in the German capital.

According to Henry Schein, it is a trusted adviser to general practitioners and endodontic specialists and is thus committed to helping its customers through the ever-increasing changes in dental technology by offering solutions designed to meet their unique needs, along with the necessary education, service and support. The company underlines this commitment through its comprehensive portfolio of high-quality endodontic products, such as those from Dentsply Sirona and bioceramic sealers from BUSA. Among the most recently developed endodontic products Henry Schein will be showcasing during ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 will be Microcopy’s NeoDiamond single-use burs boasting a performance comparable to that of expensive multi-use diamond burs, as well as the new EdgeEndo line, at Booth 1F4.

“Many clinicians do not want to change techniques, so providing endodontic products that use a comfortable protocol without changing the workflow is important,” said Danny Lambrechts, Director of European Brand Equity Marketing at Henry Schein. “Therefore, EdgeEndo files, multi-tapered or one-file technique, have their own characteristics, using well-known clinical protocols.”

In its offering, Henry Schein provides diagnostic imaging solutions that support the endodontic treatment workflow, as well as a range of microscopes and loupe systems that aid dental professionals during endodontic treatment. The company also partners with a team of endodontic specialists who advise on specific endodontic solutions, on treatments and on an ideal individual practice workflow.

Lambrechts added, “Our customer can ‘Rely on us’ for all their endodontic needs. Henry Schein is committed to offering high-quality products and services to help practitioners operate their practice efficiently and provide optimum patient care.”

ROOTS SUMMIT aims to be an open and global learning forum accessible to anyone involved in the practise of endodontic therapy. Discussions regarding endodontic treatment, the various issues that affect the patient, prognosis, current literature, new equipment, as well as new procedures and protocols, among other topics, are moderated by an all-volunteer group of endodontists to ensure a professional and respectful manner is maintained.

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