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Henry Schein – EdgeOne Fire

EdgeOne Fire is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion.

EdgeOne Fire features EdgeEndo’s heat-treated FireWire and can be used with existing endodontic motors, obturator ovens and hand piece settings.

EdgeEndo’s EdgeOne Fire is manfactured using unique heat-treated FireWire NiTi to create files that demonstrate unmatched flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue. The increased flexibility of heat-treated NiTi gives EdgeOne Fire files incredible canal contouring capabilities.

EdgeOne Fire tests at twice the cyclic fatigue of competitive files, and is designed to shape canals in a reciprocating motion. EdgeOne Fire is available in three lengths: 21, 25, and 31 mm.

Read the cyclic fatigue study, titled “Differences in cyclic fatigue lifespan between two different heat treated NiTi endodontic rotary instruments: WaveOne Gold vs EdgeOne Fire”, conducted by Prof. Gianluca Gambarini et al.

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