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3Shape Navigate: Digital dentistry event offers a window into the future

The free online event 3Shape Navigate aims to inspire and educate dentists about the integration of intra-oral scanners and digital workflows in the dental clinic. (Image: 3Shape)
Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

By Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

Mon. 15. March 2021


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: On 17–18 March, dental teams will have the opportunity to experience the future of dental care—a future that is already here. Organised by the company behind award-winning digital solutions such as the 3Shape TRIOS intra-oral scanner, the 3Shape Navigate virtual event will offer an ideal peer-to-peer learning opportunity for dentists who are considering an intra-oral scanner. According to 3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bomholt, the two-day event will help dentists to make informed choices about the adoption and integration of intra-oral scanners and digital workflows in the dental clinic.

The digitalisation of dental practice has often been referred to as a revolution; however, the technologies in question are nowadays both time-tested and economically sound. The adoption of intra-oral scanners and digital workflows at dental clinics can be planned and implemented with ease, and clinic owners can expect benefits such as an improved ability to communicate and collaborate with partnering dental laboratories, a return on their investment that includes practice growth, and an improved patient experience. In addition, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has hastened the adoption of digital technologies within dentistry to the point where sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.

3D scanners have become so much easier to use—so reliable and problem-free—that digital workflows for sending scans to dental laboratories and design services have never been easier. Just-Bomholt told Dental Tribune International that adopting digital dental workflows provides dentists with a more hygienic way of providing oral care, a good return on investment and a higher acceptance rate from the patients, and he added that working with a 3D scanner results in more accurate impressions and a reduced rework ratio. “If I would highlight an additional advantage, it is the strength of this technology in preventive care,” he commented. “For example, our TRIOS patient monitoring will allow both patients and dentists to compare a range of scans—taken today, or previously—so that dentists can both monitor and show the evolution of a patient’s oral health in a meaningful manner.”

Navigating the path towards digital dentistry

The 3Shape Navigate event has been designed specifically for dentists who are new to digital dentistry and for those who are considering purchasing their first intra-oral scanner.

The free online event will offer participants two days of in-depth, practice-centred insights into the technology from a team of novices and experts in digital dentistry. It will feature a number of interactive tools, live presentations, training opportunities and personal demonstrations that will focus on providing practical knowledge about the technology and its integration into individual dental clinics. Topics that will be covered in the programme include navigating the intra-oral scanner market, communication between dental clinics and laboratories, and the patient experience.

3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bomholt says: “The future is now; digital dentistry is really happening.” (Image: 3Shape)

One part of the programme that Just-Bomholt is personally looking forward to is a live panel discussion on 18 March including those who have developed digital dental technologies and dentists who use them in their practices on a daily basis. “The panel discussion will feature 3Shape technology experts and a team of digital dental professionals,” Just-Bomholt explained. “They will talk about digital transformation and I think that it is going to be hugely exciting.” 3Shape’s own Rune Fisker will lead what promises to be a lively and interactive discussion with Drs Jonathan Ng, Ian Buckle, Karm Jandoo and Bong Kwoo.

Dentists participating in the event will have the chance to engage in dialogue with other dentists who have already adopted intra-oral scanners and to register for a one-on-one TRIOS demonstration with one of 3Shape’s product experts. Interactive tools will also be on hand that will allow participating dentists to calculate the costs for adopting digital technologies in their clinics. Those attending will receive an exclusive offer with access to free training sessions with the 3Shape Academy and also substantial savings on a range of future training opportunities.

We want to target the dentists who know that this is the future, who want to take a step into this future, but who perhaps feel that they have not really been guided properly so far. We want to inspire them,” Just-Bomholt added.

He continued: “The future is now; digital dentistry is really happening. And we see, with COVID-19, that the pace of change is clearly accelerating. The technology is easy to use. It not only provides a better patient experience, but it also actually reduces material and time costs, and often has a positive impact on the clinic’s revenue. The main question is simply how to get started in the digital space, and that is what the Navigate event is all about: to help doctors and dentists to make an informed choice.”

For more information on the programme, and to register, visit the 3Shape Navigate event website.

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