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Join the digital revolution at the 3Shape Academy

The 3Shape Academy is designed to help expand your dental CAD/CAM knowledge regardless of your starting point. (Image: 3Shape)
Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

Thu. 2. September 2021


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: As a market leader in 3D scanner and CAD/CAM software, 3Shape is committed to providing ongoing training, education and support for its customers. At two upcoming events facilitated by the 3Shape Academy, dental professionals will be able to learn first-hand from experts how comprehensive digital workflows can be generated purely through 3Shape’s range of solutions.

Dr Douglas Watt with the 3Shape TRIOS intra-oral scanner. (Image: 3Shape)

Dr Douglas Watt, BDS, MFGDP, the first digital dentistry representative of the International Digital Dental Academy, will present both events. On 1 October in Copenhagen, he will instruct participants on how to efficiently use TRIOS and 3Shape’s other digital tools in various restorative treatments, including aesthetic, implant and tooth-borne restorations. Watt will present completed patient cases and, together with a team of 3Shape trainers, will provide expert advice for attendees as they design cases themselves with TRIOS Design Studio, Implant Studio and Smile Design.

On 23 October at the 3Shape Academy in Reading in the UK, Watt will present another in-person hands-on course as he guides dental professionals through a fully digital single-unit chairside restoration. The event will deliver a practical experience of what in-house manufacture involves and how this can be carried out in daily practice. Watt will cover techniques such as digital scanning, designing, milling, staining/glazing, isolation and bonding, highlighting how these processes can be used in the creation of lithium disilicate crowns.

An opportunity not to be missed

According to Dr Jan Paulics, senior clinical specialist at the 3Shape Academy, both of these courses are designed to benefit dental practitioners who are somewhat familiar with 3Shape TRIOS and want to improve their digital skills.

“Fundamentally, we want to help course attendees understand what the basic digital restorative workflows are, and how these can be developed with the 3Shape portfolio,” he said.

Course attendees will be guided by Dr Watt through various digital restorative treatments. (Image: 3Shape)

“Often, our 3Shape Academy classes are concerned with one product or software solution at a time. With these courses, Dr Watt is putting it all together into one package and showing how the entire digital journey can be powered by 3Shape. I think it will be a real eye-opener for attendees to realise that one company can deliver a complete digital restorative workflow,” Paulics added.

Jenni Tuokko, global clinical training manager at the 3Shape Academy, noted that the in-person element of these courses is crucial to participants gaining skills that can be implemented effectively in the dental practice.

“We need to recognise that digital dentistry introduces a whole new way of working into an industry that has, traditionally, done things in an analogue way,” she said.

“Bridging that gap requires hands-on training as well as virtual classes, and so getting to see Dr Watt present real cases, explain how he conducted them and what issues he had to overcome will be an invaluable opportunity for participating dentists,” Tuokko noted.

Those interested in participating in Watt’s course in Copenhagen on 1 October can register here. For the 23 October course in Reading, registration is available here. For further information, get in touch with the 3Shape team at training@3shape.com.

3Shape Academy: Prioritising education

Through the 3Shape Academy, 3Shape offers a wide variety of digital dentistry courses, seminars and training both online and in person. Product experts are ready to help dental professionals expand their CAD/CAM knowledge regardless of their starting point, and an online learning hub means that a wealth of educational resources can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home or office.

3Shape virtual classrooms are one of the ways in which dental professionals can take a practical deep dive into digital workflows that can help grow business. In these live 2-hour classes, a maximum of six participants are guided through specific techniques by 3Shape trainers who are there to ensure that each dentist reaches his or her learning goals.

“We need to recognise that digital dentistry introduces a whole new way of working into an industry that has, traditionally, done things in an analogue way” – Jenni Tuokko

Of course, every dentist and his or her practice have different needs, which is why the 3Shape Academy also offers one-to-one sessions with 3Shape training experts. Whether participants are complete beginners in digital dentistry or require assistance in mastering a specific workflow, these sessions are personalised to ensure that participants fulfil their desired learning goals.

“At the end of the day, you cannot afford to learn by making mistakes when treating a patient,” Paulics stated.

“As a dentist, you need to learn online or in a class to be sure that you can actually transfer your new skills into effective treatment. By becoming part of the 3Shape Academy, you’re making sure that your patients will have the best digital treatment options possible.”

Find out more at the 3Shape Academy website.

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