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3Shape Unite―the platform connecting the digital dots in dental clinics

Claudia Duschek, Dental Tribune International

Claudia Duschek, Dental Tribune International

Tue. 26. October 2021


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: On 20 October, 3Shape launched 3Shape Unite. The new open platform brings world-leading dental companies, solutions and laboratories together and will allow dental professionals to manage all their cases seamlessly and efficiently.

During the launch event, Dr Rune Fisker, senior vice president for product strategy at 3Shape, introduced the new platform, describing it as the greatest effort and investment in the company’s history. More than 100 people have been working on this project for the past three years. He explained that 3Shape had recognised that the main problem with digitised dentistry was that, although a wide range of tools were available, these remained rather isolated in use. 3Shape Unite aims to provide an unprecedented connection of digital tools, offering users freedom of choice, unrestricted access to their preferred products and the flexibility to easily switch between different brands’ and manufacturers’ solutions.

On the new platform, 3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bomholt said: “3Shape Unite is a tremendous launch for 3Shape! It brings to life our historic vision of giving dentists freedom and open options. It is digital dentistry united under one platform. From labs and treatment solution partners to managing patient care, 3Shape Unite creates workflows that just flow.”

Leading the way for the future of the dental clinic

Aiming at making digital dentistry more straightforward and accessible, 3Shape opted for an app-based approach in the development of Unite―very similar to modern smartphones. Fully integrated with the award-winning TRIOS intra-oral scanner, the Unite platform and apps deliver an intuitive user interface, including a simplified laboratory order form with built-in chat and best-in-class workflow between the dental practice and over 1,000 laboratories; integrations with more than 50 clear aligner providers and patient management systems as the key cornerstone of Unite; and easy access to patient data and images.

The main benefit of the new 3Shape Unite platform is its simplicity, providing an intuitive customer experience. (Image: 3Shape)

“3Shape Unite is going to be the go-to dental platform, enabling treatment planning and execution in just a few clicks,” Just-Bomholt added. In fact, Unite provides the interface for the entire treatment―from the initial scan to completion. With absolute integration between TRIOS and all partner apps, there is no need to switch platforms or to save or transfer files during the workflow. Included free of charge with every TRIOS, the Unite platform gives practitioners the freedom to effortlessly manage and expand their digital dentistry offering via an ever-growing built-in app library, Unite Store.

For dental laboratories, 3Shape Unite provides a platform and directory for them to become more visible to dental practices, market their services with a profile they create and take advantage of an optimised order workflow with practices.

In order to provide a truly open and united platform, 3Shape has joined forces with some of the leading companies in the dental industry: Henry Schein, Ivoclar Vivadent and the Straumann Group. The partnership enables 3Shape Unite users to directly access optimised, integrated digital solutions from these founding partners.

Guillaume Daniellot, CEO of the Straumann Group, said that the rationale behind the company’s involvement in this project is to provide “frictionless access to Straumann solutions and services―be it our ClearCorrect clear aligner treatment, implant surgical planning or an overall Smile in a Box treatment, or any other prosthetic solution from the Straumann Group”.

“For dentists, 3Shape Unite simply and openly connects them to the right dental partners and makes digital dentistry easy, end to end,” said Jakob Just-Bomholt, CEO of 3Shape. (Image: 3Shape)

Diego Gabathuler, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent, which has collaborated with 3Shape for ten years already, added that “the fit with Unite is perfect, as we can integrate our smart systems and workflows in a new platform where customers can access everything in one place”.

Global launch in 2021

From 23 November, 3Shape Unite will be available to users in the Nordic countries. About three weeks later, the offer will be extended to all European countries. The platform will be available globally in mid-December 2021, Fisker announced.

Dental professionals can access the 3Shape Unite platform from their PCs and TRIOS MOVE via a software update that requires no additional hardware. In the long run, Unite will replace other 3Shape platforms, such as 3Shape Communicate and Dental Desktop.

More information about and an interactive demonstration of 3Shape Unite are available at

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