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ACTEON – Newtron


Exclusive and patented technology, which brings to treatments more preservation, efficacy and comfort.

Clean effectively while preserving teeth is a major concern for dentists and hygienists worldwide.
NEWTRON® range gathers all the technical and clinical expertise gained by ACTEON® to support practitioners every day with the promise of the best possible care to patients.

NEWTRON® technology, a guarantee of efficacy and safety
The NEWTRON® BOOSTER, NEWTRON® P5 and NEWTRON® P5XS ultrasonic generators are equipped with the exclusive and patented Newtron® technology, which brings to treatments more preservation, efficacy and comfort.

▶ Teeth and tissues are preserved thanks to perfect ultrasonic vibrations: the perfectly controlled and constant amplitude gives more precision to treatments.
Moreover, NEWTRON® tips are manufactured in a specific steel which hardness is nearest to enamel, thus preserving teeth.
Finally, the total irrigation control ensures the solution to reach tip extremity whatever the clinical situation, preventing heating for safer treatments.

▶ Efficacy is maximal with the automatic and continuous frequency adjustment, providing a constant efficacy.
The real-time power compensation, according to the tip resistance facing deposits, improves tips performances while reducing hand fatigue.
Powerful cavitation, at the tip active part, enhances deposits fragmentation and surfaces disinfection.

▶ The whole, providing optimal comfort for practitioner and patient. Linear and regular vibrations conserve practitioner tactile sense, and treatments are softer than less painful for patient.

NEWTRON® tips conserve teeth and meet all clinical requirements
Having nearly 80 different tips, ACTEON® EQUIPMENT offers the widest range of instruments covering all clinical fields: prophylaxis, periodontics, implant care, endodontics and prosthesis.
For each indication, NEWTRON® tips are designed with exclusive alloys respecting the surfaces treated: enamel, prosthesis, implants.
Power use is accurately determined with the Color Coding System™, which intuitively associates each tip with one of the 4 power ranges. A Bluetooth option on NEWTRON®P5XS automatically configures power and irrigation for an optimal and sustainable tip use.

See better, treat better with B.LED technology
B.LED technology brings a more caring approach of scaling. The F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED plaque revealer, applied directly on teeth or diluted in the NEWTRON® P5XS tank, turns fluorescent under the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece blue light. The areas to be treated are clearly identified and the procedure is guided in real time. Treatments become more effective, with 20% more plaque removed, and more precise by preserving healthy tissues. And without extra time(1) !
This fluorescent revelation also enables practitioners to educate patients and to encourage compliance.

Design responds to ergonomics and hygiene
The elegance as well as the ergonomics of NEWTRON® generators were studied to meet dental practice. The front plane, inclined at 45° and the luminous power button of these multi-clinical generators enhance the display of the adjustments chosen. The more refined design of the handpiece guarantees perfect balance regardless of the grip position.
With sleek design and soothing lights, these machines provide esthetic pleasure while meeting hygiene needs. The flat glass surface and the detachable dials ensure an easy decontamination and total watertightness. The handpiece and its silicone holders can be removed and autoclaved for perfect aseptic.

NEWTRON® technology, generators and tips help practitioners every day to provide the best care to their patients.


(1) Timothée Marrien, Clinical evaluation of assisted supragingival scaling by plaque disclosing agent F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED, Thesis 2015.