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Align Technology releases new imaging system

Align Technology has released its latest imaging system, the iTero Element 5D. (Photograph: Align Technology)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 2. April 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Align Technology recently announced that it was launching the iTero Element 5D imaging system, which provides a comprehensive approach to clinical applications, workflows and user experience that expands the suite of the existing high-precision, full-colour imaging and fast scan times of the iTero Element portfolio. The entire iTero product family, including the iTero Element 5D imaging system, was showcased at the 2019 International Dental Show.

“The iTero Element 5D imaging system combines the cutting-edge technology of the iTero Element portfolio of intra-oral scanners, with advanced integrated imaging features, such as NIRI [near-infrared imaging], which aids in interproximal caries detection and clear intra-oral images with the built-in intra-oral camera,” said Zelko Relic, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Research and Development of Align Technology. “With this new imaging system, doctors can efficiently and effectively scan every patient at every visit and visualise treatment options together that result in more informed decisions for optimum oral care.”

In addition, the iTero Element 5D scanner is the first integrated dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3-D, intra-oral colour and near-infrared imaging images and enables comparison over time using iTero’s TimeLapse function.

“The iTero Element 5D imaging system aids doctors in detecting and monitoring the progression of interproximal cavities above the gingiva without harmful radiation, thereby helping to ensure that their patients receive even better care,” said Dr Mitra Derakhshan, Vice President of Global Clinical of Align Technology.

Dr Tim Nolting, a general dental practitioner from Freudenberg in Germany, who was part of the iTero Element 5D imaging system’s limited market release, said: “The iTero Element 5D scanner has been a real game-changer and given me a totally new reason to incorporate digital technology in my practice. Patients value minimally invasive treatment and radiation-free diagnosis. With the addition of the iTero Element 5D system to my diagnostic toolbox, diagnosis itself is easier to make and since I can show my patients what I am seeing, they understand the situation better and in turn accept the proposed treatment.”

Align Technology is also now offering a Web-based platform,, that complements the comprehensive visualisation of the iTero Element 5D imaging system.

It can be used to set up a prescription before the appointment and review scans with the patient on multiple devices, giving the practice the flexibility to assist more patients in understanding workflow and procedures.  Additionally, the company is continuing to streamline workflows for dentists and laboratories with the addition of direct dentist–laboratory workflow. This will allow scans to be sent automatically to the dentist’s laboratory of choice, and the dentist can engage with the laboratory through their accounts to determine if the scan is acceptable or if additional information is needed.

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