Dental News - Ceramill FDS now offers option of milling dental arches and tooth segments

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Ceramill FDS now offers option of milling dental arches and tooth segments

Ceramill FDS is now authorised for the Ivotion materials from Ivoclar. (Image: Amann Girrbach)

Thu. 30. June 2022


KOBLACH, Austria: Amann Girrbach has expanded its Ceramill Full Denture System (FDS) to include the validated Ivotion materials from Ivoclar and has updated the Ceramill Mind software accordingly. This allows even more components to be individually combined in the fabrication of removable complete dentures. Users thus benefit from greater flexibility as well as time and cost-efficiency.

The Ceramill FDS offers the industry’s broadest range of options for fabricating dentures digitally. With the addition of the proven dental materials Ivotion Dent and Ivotion Dent Multi as well as the impact-resistant denture base material Ivotion Base, users can now also mill individual dental arches and tooth segments—all within a validated workflow. The pearl structure effect of Ivotion Dent Multi ensures a particularly harmonious colour gradient. The previous options of milling denture bases or fabricating them using 3D-printing technology and combining them with prefabricated teeth from leading manufacturers have now been extended to include an aesthetic and cost-effective alternative.

In addition, the Ceramill FDS is distinguished by an end-to-end digital workflow and the seamless interaction of software and hardware. In this context, the Ceramill Mind software has been updated so that all components and materials and the stored gap dimensions and milling strategies are precisely matched.

“With the expansion of tooth libraries, fabrication possibilities and design options, the Ceramill FDS offers maximum flexibility. Thanks to the update, we are now in an even better position to cover different cost segments, so that individual patient wishes can be optimally addressed,” said Maria Stroppe, product manager for laboratory CAD/CAM software and 3D printing at Amann Girrbach.

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