Oral health and ageing—a free webinar series

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Oral health and ageing—a free webinar series

Curaden Academy is organising a series of three free webinars on the specifics of treating geriatric patients. (Image: Curaden Academy)

By Curaden

Fri. 2. October 2020


October is geriatric dentistry month at Curaden Academy. Although the number of elderly patients in dental practices is on the rise, many dental professionals lack in-depth training in caring for these patients in the best way possible. In a series of free webinars, Curaden Academy is giving three experts the opportunity to speak about issues specifically related to the treatment of geriatric patients: periodontal problems, prosthodontic treatment planning and pharmacology.

Dr Gerry McKenna

Dr Gerry McKenna on prosthodontic treatment—Tuesday, 6 October, 6:00 p.m. CEST
Replacing missing teeth benefits function, aesthetics and social interaction. In his webinar, titled “Prosthodontic management for partially dentate and edentate older adults”, McKenna will discuss the ins and outs of planning prosthodontic treatment with removable and fixed prostheses. He will discuss treatment options such as complete dentures, implant overdentures and removable partial dentures, as well as alternative approaches such as functionally orientated tooth replacement according to the principles of the shortened dental arch concept.

RPh CCP Thomas Viola

RPh CCP Thomas Viola on geriatric pharmacology—Wednesday, 7 October, 6:00 p.m. CEST
When treating geriatric patients, dental professionals are often forced to draw upon their knowledge of pharmacology. However, pharmacology is a vast field, and therapy guidelines regarding medication are ever-changing. In a very practice-relevant webinar, titled “The (medication) matrix: Essential pharmacology for treating medically complex geriatric patients”, Viola will discuss the most frequent prescription and non-prescription medications, their side effects and their interactions with pre-existing conditions.

Dr Eric Thevissen

Dr Eric Thevissen on periodontics—Friday, 9 October, 3:30 p.m. CEST
In his webinar, titled “Ageing and periodontal disease: Look out before you leap”, Thevissen will explain how individually tailored periodontal care remains the best guarantee for preventing tooth loss and ensuring general health in geriatric patients. In addition, age-related oral changes will be discussed, as well as methods of dealing with problems such as xerostomia, Candida albicans, root caries, erosion and hypersensitivity. Lastly, Thevissen will explore associations between untreated periodontal disease and general health, focusing on cardiovascular health.

The three 1-hour webinars will be broadcast live, and participants can earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end of each webinar. Registration for the webinars is free of charge on the Curaden Academy website.


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