“This brush cleans where normal bristles do not reach”

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“This brush cleans where normal bristles do not reach”

Curaprox’s Hydrosonic is a high-quality sonic toothbrush that effectively and gently cleans the teeth and can reach the most inaccessible places. (Image: Curaden)

Wed. 15. February 2023


KRIENS, Switzerland: A brush that cleans where others do not? An expert in prophylaxis and periodontics, Dr Ulrich P. Saxer is the co-designer of a brush that does just that. Curaprox’s Hydrosonic pro cleans powerfully, efficiently and gently, thanks to a unique interplay of sonic technology and hydrodynamics.

“When designing the brush, it was a very conscious decision to opt for sonic technology. The bristles of the Hydrosonic pro oscillate up and down, which is also the recommended technique for using a manual brush. The Hydrosonic pro cleans effectively but does so in a way that is atraumatic, which is ideal for people with sensitive teeth or gingivae,” Dr Saxer noted.

“Many people brush in a way that causes damage to teeth and gingivae. Using the wrong brush or brushing technique can cause abrasions. Cervical lesions at the cemento-enamel interface are a particular problem, as is sensitivity of the tooth necks. These issues go hand in hand with gingival recession or injury. Using a high-quality sonic toothbrush is a good way to prevent these issues,” he continued.

Reaching the most inaccessible places

“Most people clean an entire row of teeth with an aggressive backwards and forwards movement. The shape of the Hydrosonic pro’s brush heads ensures the opposite: each tooth has to be cleaned individually. The rounded part of the brush head cleans the buccal, lingual and occlusal surfaces with high precision, tooth by tooth. The pointed part of the drop-shaped head reaches the interdental areas better than any manual brush. The angulation of the brush head is perfect for reaching the most inaccessible and critical places. In other words, the brush heads are ideal for patients with crowns, bridges, orthodontic appliances or implants,” Dr Saxer explained.

“The single tuft brush allows very precise cleaning of the tooth where plaque primarily accumulates—namely at the gingival margin, on fixed appliances, in other angled narrow tooth positions and interdentally. Many dental professionals clean exclusively with this method, running the brush along the gingivae on all teeth. This method has been proved scientifically to offer the best cleaning effect.”

Dr Ulrich P. Saxer, the co-designer of Curaprox’s Hydrosonic pro sonic toothbrush. (Image: Curaden)

A cleaning concert for teeth and gingivae

“In addition to the purely mechanical cleaning, there is an extra hydrodynamic cleaning effect. Thanks to vortices of toothpaste, water and saliva, this brush cleans where normal bristles do not reach. This effect increases with the frequency selected,” Dr Saxer stated.

“The filaments of each brush head vary in thickness, length and hardness. Their interaction and the transmitted frequency, which is not the same at every point of the brush head, is finely tuned. The inner bristles are shorter, so they swing freely, keeping the brush head a certain distance from the tooth and supporting the hydrodynamic effect. The outer bristles touch the tooth and are designed to clean narrow spaces, prevent discoloration and eliminate calculus growth.”

“Not every manufacturer achieves the hydrodynamic effect well, and many are not even aware of it. The interplay of bristles and their arrangement must be very precise. Their interaction and the transmitted frequency, which is not the same at every point on the brush base, produces a harmonious ‘cleaning concert’ for teeth and gingivae. The result is Curaprox’s very own symphony—accepted, atraumatic and effective,” Dr Saxer concluded.

Editorial note:

Visit the Curaden booth (#1505) at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2023 to find out more.

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