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Rinsing against SARS-CoV-2—one mouthwash reduces infection risk

Mouthwashes containing a combination of Citrox and beta-cyclodextrin could prove useful against SARS-CoV-2 in the oral cavity. (Image: Curaprox)

Mon. 31. January 2022


LYON, France: In a study that is the first of its kind, researchers from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in Lyon in France have shown that Curaprox’s Perio plus regenerate mouthwash reduces the risk of transmitting SARS-CoV-2. A single rinse with the mouthwash lowers the viral load in the mouth by 71%, aiding the immune system in controlling the start of infection.

Our mouths are central to the spread of the coronavirus: the virus has been identified in the saliva of 91.7% of people infected. Moreover, viral transmission through saliva is possible from a distance of up to 3 m, even by patients without symptoms. Given the strong presence of the virus in the mouth and its easy spread through salivary particles, the concept of a mouthwash that could prevent infection through simple rinsing is extremely attractive, especially for dental professionals. It is with these facts in mind that the researchers set out to identify a formulation that could reduce the viral load in the mouth.

A novel formulation

In their search for an effective antiviral mouthwash, the researchers identified two substances that, when combined, proved particularly promising in reducing the SARS-CoV-2 oral load: β-cyclodextrin and Citrox. Citrox is a newcomer to oral health products. The substance is a mix of organic plant compounds that have a broad antimicrobial effect without disrupting the mouth’s natural balance.

A single rinse is sufficient

Half of the 176 COVID-19 patients who took part in the study rinsed three times daily with Perio plus regenerate over the course of a week, and the other half, the control group, did the same with a placebo. The researchers found that a single rinse with the mouthwash had a significant effect: the first rinse reduced the viral load in the mouth by 71% after only 4 hours. After seven days, the mouthwash proved to have a particularly beneficial effect in reducing the viral load in the saliva of those patients who initially had a very high viral load.

An important breakthrough

This is the first in vivo study to demonstrate the effect of a mouthwash in inhibiting infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. The Curaprox Perio plus mouthwash protects against viral infections and has protective and regenerative properties, thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains. The result is an oral mucosa that is in optimal health and minimally susceptible to viral infection.

“A 1-minute rinse with a β-cyclodextrin and Citrox mouthwash reduces the presence of the COVID-19 virus in the mouth by 71%,” co-author Prof. Denis Bourgeois explained. “This significantly reduces the risk of coronavirus contamination from saliva.”

Rinsing and gargling with Perio plus regenerate is an excellent barrier measure against the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The discovery has interesting implications for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as for future antiviral preventive measures. Be it for personal or clinical use, antiviral mouthwashes could play an important role in reducing the general risk of contamination.

The study, titled “Use of an antiviral mouthwash as a barrier measure in the SARS-CoV-2 transmission in adults with asymptomatic to mild COVID-19: A multicentre, randomized, double-blind controlled trial”, was published in the October 2021 issue of Clinical Microbiology and Infection.



Editorial note:

For further information about the Perio plus range, visit the website. AEEDC visitors can learn more about the product at Booth 8.

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