Migrate to the future with Dentsply Sirona’s DS Core

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Migrate to the future with Dentsply Sirona’s DS Core

Dentsply Sirona’s new DS Core, DS Core Care and DS Core Create software utilise artificial intelligence to better streamline workflows and provide seamless connection with other software products. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

In an online launch event with more than 5,000 viewers since last week, Dentsply Sirona unveiled their newest and easy to use software. Dental Tribune International had the opportunity to speak with Chief Technology Officer Dr Cord Staehler about the wizardry behind DS Core. Consisting of DS Core, DS Core Care and DS Core Create, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn how dental professionals work in real time in order to continually improve the automation of common workflows.

Dr Staehler, why would you encourage dental professionals to switch from their existing software to the new DS Core?
Because of its simplicity. When we talk about technology, we want it to run in the background, and we want usability and general ease of use to be in the foreground. We offer a whole new way of managing workflows. These programs are all so simple and yet do everything required. They are powered by an AI engine in the background that constantly learns from individual workflows. When users provide feedback, the system improves and customises workflows.

It has always been such a hassle to make different software programs work together. For the first time, we have been able to overcome interfaces, make everything simple and give users more control over their patient cases and enable them to focus on what matters. Treating their patients.

Chief technology officer of Dentsply Sirona, Cord Staehler, discussed the latest developments in completely cloud-based software options for dental practitioners. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Is DS Core meant to replace any previous software or simply meant to work in harmony with existing products?
DS Core will be the central software platform offering both current as well as completely new workflow possibilities, constantly evolving and enabling new procedures. Dental professionals will not find themselves needing to take the extra steps that they had to with other software as they use the new system because it requires fewer clicks to achieve their goals.

The release of DS Core is not the same as that of a software program that developers spent years writing and then produce one finalised program at the end. The new platform constantly evolves and builds on feedback of professionals who are using them, in order to keep learning how to automate workflows more to become even better. It is as an open platform, allowing for continuous improvement.

DS Core also connects to third-party software and can easily import external files. Older software will gradually retire in stages. This will not be immediate, which is why we connect the new Platform with our existing portfolio. Our goal is to seamlessly transition over the coming years.

At the launch event, it was emphasised that DS Core is cloud-based. Does this mean that dental professionals will not need to buy or upgrade their existing hardware in order to be compatible with the new line?
This means that processes are now seamless and simple in the background. Dental professionals will not need new hardware, and if they are comfortable using basic consumer technology, they will be able to use our products without problems. And through the cloud, our platform is able to store and exchange data securely.

One of the many aspects of DS Core is this is the gateway to all our future service offerings. For example, with DS Core Create, our expert-based print design service, we will do the planning, of ready to print designs for Primeprint, freeing up time on the dentist side.

What advice would you give to clinicians who feel overwhelmed by adding more digital assets to their practices?
People transition into digital dentistry at their own pace and that's okay. It is our mission to guide them along that journey and, generally speaking, if they are comfortable with engaging at the level of simple consumer electronics, like a smartphone, they can use our products. Our offering is for people who want to add step-by-step simplicity to their daily work, increase their efficacy in practice, expand into procedures they have not done before, grow their practice and support the outcomes of their patients.

Learning the software itself requires no training at all. It’s time for a solution like this to be finally made available in dentistry.

We want everyone to come aboard and engage with the software so it can become even better. We want to help our users grow into the future.

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