Webinar offers tailored solutions for diverse clinical needs

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Three implant designs, one connection: Webinar offers tailored solutions for diverse clinical needs

A free webinar that will be livestreamed next week is aimed at enabling practitioners to make informed surgical decisions tailored to each unique edentulous site with the intention of improving success rates and simplifying the referral process. (Image: New Africa/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 13. February 2024


An upcoming free webinar will explore the significant influence of implant design, connection and surface on achieving successful outcomes and reducing peri-implant complications. The EV implant family from Dentsply Sirona, known for providing a comprehensive solution for a wide range of indications with reduced complications, will be a key focus of discussion. The webinar will be presented on 20 February and is aimed at implant dentists and general practitioners.

Dr Anne Benhamou teaches dental implant therapy and bone and soft-tissue reconstruction at Université Paris Cité and runs a private practice dedicated to implant and reconstructive dentistry in Paris. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

When asked how the EV implant family minimises complications in implant dentistry, webinar presenter Dr Anne Benhamou said it provides a versatile solution enabling the treatment of various indications with implants that have different designs but share the same connection.

“This is a significant advantage for me, as I can use the OmniTaper implant for nearly all implant placement indications. The PrimeTaper implant is my go-to for immediate implant placements, and for cases requiring short implants, I opt for the Astra EV implant,” she emphasised.

Dr Benhamou added that the 6 mm Astra EV implant is particularly robust and assists in minimising the need for extensive bone grafting in the posterior mandible. “This uniformity means my referrals only need to familiarise themselves with one connection type, ensuring their patients receive the optimal implant solution for each specific site.”

As Dr Benhamou prioritises patient well-being in her clinical practice, she is an advocate for the use of minimally invasive techniques, and therefore, her presentation will concentrate on minimally invasive and biologically oriented methods. In addition, the webinar will highlight the importance of creating customised treatment plans for personalised care.

“Today, adopting minimally invasive approaches is essential. We possess numerous techniques to prevent excessive invasiveness. My webinar advocates for the ‘one surgery, one time’ principle, emphasising the practice of performing just one single open surgery—surgical flap,” she commented.

As a consequence, Dr Benhamou tailors her treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs, and her presentation will feature a variety of clinical cases to illustrate this approach. “Ultimately, the less invasive and more biologically oriented our methods are, the better the aesthetic outcomes we achieve,” she emphasised.

In addition, the webinar will focus on digital implant workflows. In response to how digital advancements have influenced her daily practice, Dr Benhamou said: “I have extensive experience in aesthetic implant dentistry, but the advent of digital technology has significantly transformed my practice in several ways. Now, I can carry out planning at any time of the day. Communication with my lab technician and team has improved considerably and, most importantly, with the patients themselves.”

“Moreover, since everything is planned in advance of the surgery, I experience less stress during the procedure and save time afterwards, as the provisional restoration is already prepared,” she continued.

The webinar is intended for dental professionals interested in enhancing their practice of aesthetic implant dentistry. “Implantologists may pick up specific details or techniques that can refine or expand their expertise. General practitioners will gain insights into managing complex cases, from the initial planning stages to the final prosthetic restoration,” Dr Benhamou said.

The webinar, titled “Implant dentistry meets the digital implant workflow”, will be livestreamed on 20 February at 7:30 p.m. CET, and participants can earn one continuing education credit upon completion. Visit the Dentsply Sirona Academy website to register.

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