Global health policies must include oral health

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Global health policies must include oral health

Members of the Latin American Regional Organization and the FDI met in Bogotá to discuss oral health policies. (Photograph: Javier de Pison, Dental Tribune Latin America)
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Tue. 4. September 2018


BOGOTÁ, Columbia: In 2017, Dr Kathryn Kell, Iowa dentist and former American Dental Association trustee, was elected President of the FDI World Dental Federation. Earlier this summer, she travelled to South America to attend a meeting of the Latin American Regional Organization of the FDI. There, she spoke with Dental Tribune Online about the details of the 2018 World Dental Congress and why dental bodies like FDI are important for worldwide health.

“The FDI World Dental Congress is going to be a truly international conference,” said Kell. “We have delegates from 130 countries coming, and members from 200 organizations that will attend our congress.” She furthermore stated that the event will feature presentations by major figures in international dentistry, such as Dr Lupe Margarita Salazar Zurita (Panama), Prof. Dolphine Oda (US), Prof. Stefan Renvert (Sweden) and Prof. Fusanori Nishimura (Japan).

In addition to conferences and workshops, the congress offers forums and meetings such as the ninth annual Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future Global Summit, FDI Women Dentists Worldwide Forum, Academy of Osseointegration Symposium and FDI Dental Practice Committee Forum, as well as hot sessions on the current topics of “Digital dentistry—CAD/CAM” and the “Future of dental materials”.

Kell stressed that delegates from dental organizations around the world will also discuss public oral health projects and policies. “After Buenos Aires, we have a high-level meeting at the United Nations on 27 September in New York. This is the first important meeting on oral health since 2011,” she said and explained that the FDI is part of an alliance of health professionals who treat non-communicable diseases, which includes specialties such as cardiology, pulmonology and mental health.

In order for oral health issues to be considered and included in global health policies, the work of the FDI in cooperation with the United Nations is vital, according to Kell. This way, it can be assured that health projects and worldwide oral health issues can be addressed financially through budget planning and scientifically through research.

Sitting next to Kell in Bogotá was Dr Enrique Jadad, who, along with Dr Odel Chediak, will represent Colombia at FDI Buenos Aires 2018. “For me, it’s an honour to be a speaker at the FDI World Dental Congress, where we will share the podium with speakers from Latin America, Europe, the US and other countries,” Jadad stated.

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