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FKG Dentaire expands its legacy with RACE EVO and R-Motion

Two innovative new solutions reshaping root canal therapy: RACE EVO for continuous rotation and R-Motion for reciprocating motion. (Video: FKG Dentaire)
FKG Dentaire

FKG Dentaire

Mon. 3. May 2021


LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland: Swiss company FKG Dentaire has a legacy founded on years of trusted performance and expertise. It is well-known for its flagship XP-endo line, and it is now introducing two innovative treatment solutions, RACE EVO and R-Motion. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, providing a complete solution to the market’s instrumentation needs.

The latest rotary system introduced by FKG, RACE EVO, has evolved from two decades of high-speed precision performance design and original RaCe product features.

A proprietary heat treatment process meets a groundbreaking protocol using higher rotation speed in order to deliver greater soft control, increased efficiency and improved patient safety with every instrument. Boasting 40% more flexibility, 50% higher cutting efficiency and 2.8 times more resistance to fatigue than its predecessors, RACE EVO is engineered for high performance and smooth progression.

Your approach, your choice

RACE EVO offers two core sequences with the highest optimal-use range—RACE EVO 4% and RACE EVO 6%—complete with one glide path and two shaping instruments. In addition, the flexibility offered by the choice of two larger instruments ensures that each treatment can be adapted to the patient.

The versatility offered by the RACE EVO system allows clinicians to treat the vast majority of cases. The highest-quality Swiss manufacturing standards, coupled with FKG’s proud reputation for reliability and clinical excellence, provide the user with maximum confidence in the system.

R-Motion—reciprocation redefined

R-Motion is the first truly complete solution in reciprocation endodontics to combine enhanced instrument flexibility and fatigue resistance with a unique minimally invasive approach. Engineered for optimal ease and efficiency, R-Motion is up to 3.3 times more flexible than standard NiTi reciprocating systems and offers up to 3.6 times the fatigue resistance.

The R-Motion range comprises five reciprocating files—one for glide path creation (R-Motion Glider) and four shaping instruments to choose from: R-Motion 25, R-Motion 30, R-Motion 40 and R-Motion 50.

Safety and respect of anatomy—reciprocation improved

The all-new sleek core design of R-Motion and elite heat treatment equip these instruments with unrivalled flexibility, high resistance to fatigue, superior cutting efficiency and a reduced screwing effect. Demonstrating 60% less transportation than standard reciprocating NiTi systems, R-Motion offers improved centring ability and respect of the canal anatomy, and an up to 40% reduction of dentinal stress compared with the instruments of other leading endodontic providers. The result is a smoother progression in the canal, putting control back into the hands of clinicians, improving patient safety and increasing treatment efficiency for a wide range of canal anatomies and, as ever, a minimally invasive approach—the trademark of all FKG instrument systems.

New Rooter Universal endodontic motor—one size fits all

Rooter Universal is the latest cordless endodontic motor from FKG. Having preset and fully programmable settings and an integrated apex locator function, the cost-effective device drives all endodontic files with high precision and reliability. Preset programs dedicated to R-Motion, RACE EVO and XP-endo make Rooter Universal the ideal complement to FKG’s leading instrument systems.

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    Is FKG race EVO file is can used with X Smart plus endomotar

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