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R-Motion: A Swiss-quality solution that redefines reciprocation

R-Motion presents a great range of choices to cover every clinical case. (Image: FKG Dentaire)

Thu. 15. September 2022


LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland: The products of FKG Dentaire stand for Swiss quality in minimally invasive endodontics. The company’s newly expanded R-Motion range continues its legacy of advanced endodontic instruments that challenge existing norms by setting new standards in reciprocation. The minimally invasive solution offers an affordable treatment with the ultimate simplicity for most clinical cases. According to the company, test results have highlighted R-Motion’s superiority in mechanical design and safety.

Compared with similar solutions, R-Motion has been shown to have greater efficiency, flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue with a design that respects the anatomy of the root canal. Owing to extremely precise engineering, R-Motion is up to 3.3 times more flexible and up to 3.6 times more resistant to cyclic fatigue compared with equivalent competing instruments, according to internal laboratory results. Resulting in 60% less transportation than standard reciprocating nickel–titanium systems, R-Motion delivers better centring and up to a 40% less dentinal stress.

Comprehensive and simple at once

For the majority of clinical cases, especially typical cases, R-Motion delivers results with just two files. To cover all possible cases, R-Motion offers one of the largest lines of instruments, consisting of seven files: the glide path files R-Motion Glider and R-Motion Glider C and the shaping files R-Motion 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50.

More information about R-Motion can be found at www.fkg.ch/r-motion.


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