Durable bond strength for full adhesive dental protocols

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G-CEM ONE and G-Premio BOND—high and durable bond strength for full adhesive protocols

GC’s G-CEM ONE and G-Premio BOND cementation procedure products scored highly in a recent research report from DENTAL ADVISOR. (Image: GC)

Fri. 28. July 2023


ANN ARBOR, Mich., US: Clinicians around the world share a common need for a simplified cementation procedure that uses a single product for all indications and restorative materials. Depending on the preparation and needed retention, G-CEM ONE can be applied both as a stand-alone universal self-adhesive resin cement without additional bonding agent and as a full adhesive resin cement whenever maximum bond strength is needed. In a series of laboratory tests measuring the bond strength of G-CEM ONE when used in conjunction with universal bonding agent G-Premio BOND, DENTAL ADVISOR reported that bond strength to enamel and dentine was as good or better than that of competitive materials and that there was no decrease in strength after artificial ageing.

G-CEM ONE has an excellent self-polymerising ability for a wide range of indications. It provides flexibility by being effective in all cementation procedures and for any type of restoration—including metal-based, resin and ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and posts—while demonstrating outstanding bond strength to enamel, dentine and all indirect restorations.

In a previous series of laboratory tests measuring G-CEM ONE’s bond strength, DENTAL ADVISOR reported that the self-adhesive cement “performed as well or better than competitive materials tested in the self-adhesive mode” and that, when used in conjunction with GC’s Adhesive Enhancing Primer, “bond strength to enamel and dentine was highest among the tested groups”.

Now, in challenging situations such as tabletops, occlusal veneers and adhesive bridges when maximum adhesion is required, G-CEM ONE offers another convenient full adhesive option: its use in conjunction with the long-term proven multi-purpose G-Premio BOND. G-Premio BOND offers optimal adhesion to any tooth substrate and can also be used for direct workflows, optimising the inventory and allowing standardised procedures. Its award-winning flip-top cap design allows precise application.

The combination of the two products achieves very high immediate and long-term bond strength for worry-free luting and excellent self-polymerising ability, making it possible to securely lute even thick and opaque restorations.

The full research report from DENTAL ADVISOR is available here.

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