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GC South America highlights innovations and education at 41st CIOSP

GC will be present at the 41st São Paulo International Dental Congress, showcasing exciting innovations and offering educational activities. (Image: r.classen/Shutterstock)

Wed. 17. January 2024


SÃO PAULO, Brazil: GC South America is pleased to announce its participation at the 41st São Paulo International Dental Congress (CIOSP), scheduled to take place from 24 to 27 January. In a 72 m² booth, the company will unveil its latest innovations, including the highly anticipated Initial LiSi Block and everX Posterior.

In addition to showcasing excellent products, GC South America will be offering educational activities at its booth. Highlights include enriching discussions and hands-on sessions with renowned educators such as Dr Albano Bueno, Dr Alessandra Reis, Dr Alexandre Quadra, Dr Allana Blanc, Dr Ana Cecília, Dr Cassio Higashibara, Dr Estevam Bonfante, Dr Fabiano Marson, Dr Jonas Andrade, Dr Raphael Monte Alto and Dr Sandra Kalil.

As part of the official CIOSP schedule, Dr Bonfante will deliver a lecture not to be missed, titled “What should I know about different lithium disilicates in aesthetic rehabilitative treatments?”

GC South America invites the dental community to visit its booth, explore the latest innovations and actively participate in the educational opportunities provided during the event.

Initial LiSi Block

Initial LiSi Block is a fully crystallised lithium disilicate block with ideal physical properties, eliminating the need for crystallisation firing. Featuring GC’s exclusive High-Density Micronisation technology for CAD/CAM dentistry, it offers high wear resistance, smooth margins and excellent aesthetic results—providing an ideal solution for time efficiency.


EverX is a fibre-reinforced composite designed as a dentine substitute, and is used in conjunction with a conventional composite. The short fibres of everX make it a perfect substructure to reinforce any composite restoration in large cavities, thus preventing crack propagation, which is considered a primary cause of composite failures.

CIOSP, one of the largest dental congresses in Latin America

The Associação Paulista de Cirurgiões-Dentistas (São Paulo Dental Association) has been organising CIOSP in São Paulo for 66 years. Pioneering and revolutionary, the event’s first edition took place in 1957, marking the beginning of a significant history and tradition in dentistry.

Held annually since 2002, CIOSP brings market innovations and professional development to the dental community in a creative, productive and innovative way. As the first major event of the year (always held in January), CIOSP puts into practice essential pillars in the training of professionals, bringing industry leaders and market brands together to showcase cutting-edge technology, scientific excellence and transformative experiences—providing a true immersion in the dental environment!

For more information on the products and services offered by GC Brazil, visit http://gcbrazil.dental/.

Impressions from the 2023 event. (Image: GC International)

Impressions from the 2023 event. (Image: GC International)

Impressions from the 2023 event. (Image: GC International)

Impressions from the 2023 event. (Image: GC International)

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