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GC – Initial LiSi Press


GC Initial LiSi Press for appealing aesthetics and ease of processing


At IDS 2017, GC has introduced the GC Initial LiSi Press pressable ceramic system and the matching speed investment, GC LiSi PressVest. Initial LiSi Press’s pressable lithium disilicate ceramic combines the advantages of modern ceramics with exceptional ease of handling. Its High Density Micronization technology (HDM) uses uniformly dispersed lithium disilicate microcrystals to fill the entire glass matrix. The material presents as enormously stable, even after several firing cycles. The physical properties of Initial LiSi Press make the restoration highly antagonist-friendly and resistant to abrasion, with natural aesthetics. To make work even easier, GC offers LiSi PressVest, a carbon-free phosphate-bonded speed investment for pressable ceramics. With its high flowability and extended processing time, this investment permits more processing flexibility before firing. This investment, in combination with Initial LiSi Press, makes the resulting reaction layer very easy and fast to remove by sandblasting with glass beads.