Create natural gloss instantly with CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow

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Create natural gloss instantly with CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow

CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow is a flowable composite that offers mechanical reliability and seamless blending with the existing tooth structure. (Photograph: Kuraray Noritake Dental)
Kuraray Noritake Dental

By Kuraray Noritake Dental

Tue. 6. November 2018


An ideal composite material should satisfy three basic requirements: function, aesthetics and biocompatibility. A member of the CLEARFIL MAJESTY family, Kuraray Noritake Dental’s CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow combines excellent handling, polishability and mechanical strength to provide a solution for all cavity classes. This universal flowable composite employs silane and filler technologies to maximise both its procedural and aesthetic outcomes, allowing dentists to create long-lasting restorations with reduced chairside time.

A new standard for flowable composites
Traditionally, a composite’s flowability has been inversely related to its filler content. When flowable composites were first introduced in the mid-1990s, their lower viscosity was enabled by a filler level much lower than that of conventional composites. This, however, meant that these flowables fared poorly in a clinical setting, demonstrating inferior mechanical properties when compared to traditional hybrid composites.

With CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow, dentists can now use a flowable composite with mechanical properties comparable to those of conventional alternatives. Thanks to Kuraray Noritake Dental’s silane technology, millions of submicron filler particles fit into the composite, reliably adhering to the resin and maintaining long-term stability. CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow possesses a scientifically tested flexural strength of over 150 MPa, similar to that of a universal nano hybrid composite, making it suitable for use in Class I and II restorations.

Aesthetic restorations
However, the small, durable particles of CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow provide more than just mechanical reliability. Special cluster fillers provide a light diffusion effect that is similar to that of natural teeth, meaning that the material blends effortlessly with the existing tooth structure. Unlike other flowables, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow is glossy immediately after curing. This gloss can be improved with remarkable simplicity—simply wipe the cured resin with an ethanol-moistened gauze or cotton roll to produce a smooth surface that is proven to maintain its gloss over time.

Ideal handling
CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow’s low viscosity monomers ensure that it has excellent handling characteristics, promising better sculpting for the dentist. The flowable composite does not stick to the needle tip or to any instruments, only adhering to the area to which it is applied, while the proprietary design of the syringe itself minimises air bubbles when dispensing. Once dispensed, the paste possesses great consistency with its non-slumping formula, ensuring that it can maintain its shape. A truly universal composite, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow allows dentists to create highly aesthetic restorations with ease.

Obtain results in four simple steps
Creating aesthetic and durable restorations has never been more achievable. Simply prepare the cavity and apply bonding, dispense and sculpt the CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow, light-cure and, finally, polish. It is as easy as that.

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