A composite revolution with CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow Low

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Flowable injection technique—a composite revolution with CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow Low

The result immediately after a minimally invasive treatment protocol for a patient who presented with worn teeth, visible abrasion, erosion and crowding in the mandibular arch. (All images: Kuraray Noritake Dental)

Fri. 15. March 2024


A specialist in minimally invasive dentistry, Dr Michał Jaczewski graduated from Wroclaw Medical University in 2006, and today he runs his own private practice in the city of Legnica in Poland. In this clinical case, a patient presented to Dr Jaczewski’s practice wishing to improve the aesthetics of her smile. After an aesthetic and functional analysis, it was decided to align and restore the teeth using a minimally invasive protocol with flowable composite.

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