Virtual Nobel Biocare Global Symposium breaks record

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Virtual Nobel Biocare Global Symposium breaks registration record

The 2020 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, which was originally scheduled to take place from 16 to 18 April in Las Vegas in the US, was conducted online on 16 and 17 April instead. (Image: Nobel Biocare)
Nobel Biocare

By Nobel Biocare

Wed. 22. April 2020


ZURICH, Switzerland: With more than 10,000 unique registrations, the online edition of the 2020 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, staged by Envista, was not only an extraordinary educational event but also an example of how remote teams can quickly adapt to unprecedented circumstances.

“I was looking forward to meeting our participants in person in Las Vegas; however, when the circumstances changed for all of us, it was more important than ever to turn obstacles into opportunities. I am incredibly grateful to our speakers and impressed by our team, who quickly transformed this year’s symposium into our most successful ever online event,” said Patrik Eriksson, president of Nobel Biocare Systems.

As many healthcare services and dental clinics around the globe have had to reduce the number of patients they treat or shut down temporarily, it became clear to the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium organisers that this was an opportunity to deliver first-class implant treatment educational content for the dental community.

Nobel Biocare has a long tradition of helping dental professionals in their continuous growth. Progressive educational courses and events at any stage of the implantology journey, from novice to expert, are provided through various learning platforms around the world. The comprehensive courses are delivered by industry-leading experts, covering everything, including diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical and prosthetic processes.

“This digital experience proves that implantology professionals are extremely keen to learn. Maybe we should see it as an advantage that they have the time to attend educational webinars when normally they would be inundated by patient appointments,” commented Dr Alessandro Pozzi, a specialist trainer in digital dentistry solutions, on the currently required shift to online education. “In my own sessions, hundreds of clinicians have been building their skills in the DTX Studio suite implant and prosthetic software and increasing their confidence in its daily use. These are valuable tools for clinicians and hygienists at every level, to treat more patients better,” he added.

“Our mission is to advance side by side with dental professionals” Irin Maier, director of clinical affairs and education, Nobel Biocare

Looking to the future of dental education after the COVID-19 pandemic, speaker Dr Sascha Jovanovic, who was one of the first to provide Web-based dental training programmes back in 2003, commented: “It is a very tough time, but we will get out of it, and hopefully the world will be a better place. Looking at online education and training, a lot of us will re-evaluate it. We are going to test how much of the training and education, and the transfer of research, will be possible online. I think it’s going to go far. I do webinars, and we have an online education library and use it constantly for our students. I think our world will be different, our training and education will be different and meetings between doctors will be different.”

The previous Global Symposium was held last summer in Madrid in Spain and involved more than 1,000 participants. For the 2020 virtual edition, the programme was shortened and included seven live sessions and several on-demand webinars over two science focus days. Participants had the opportunity to raise questions and further discuss with experts several topics, including guided and navigated treatment planning, implant treatment success in the aesthetic zone, soft-tissue grafting, and management of treatment complications. Thanks to the on-demand viewing functionality, more dental professionals and members of the dental team can benefit from these presentations.

Irin Maier, director of clinical affairs and education at Nobel Biocare, said: “Our mission is to advance side by side with dental professionals. Their interest and their active participation and excellent feedback on clinical and product topics, show that there is growing interest in advancing in the implant treatment journey, and achieve better patient outcomes. The interactive comments and remarks we have received will guide us in our efforts towards continuous improvement, science-based innovations and first-class educational tools.”

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