Osstem Implant announces 2024 global symposiums

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Advancing dentistry: Osstem Implant’s global symposiums in 2024

The Osstem World Meeting will bring the theme of “Digital Dentistry” to Osstem Implant’s native Seoul. (Image: Avigator Fortuner/Shutterstock)

Wed. 31. January 2024


SEOUL, South Korea/LONDON, UK: Prepare for a transformative experience in the realm of dentistry as Osstem Implant sets the stage for two pivotal events in 2024: the Osstem World Meeting and the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe. These gatherings promise not only an unparalleled opportunity for academic exchange but also a unique platform for hands-on experience, networking and the sharing of practical knowledge among dentists from around the world.

Osstem World Meeting: Pioneering digital dentistry

Scheduled for 27 and 28 April, the Osstem World Meeting will take place in Seoul in South Korea—a place of special significance as it is home to Osstem’s headquarters. The theme, “Digital Dentistry”, invites participants to delve into the forefront of technological innovation. The meeting will feature four distinguished European dentists, who will not only lecture but also act as course directors for hands-on workshops and as expert moderators, ensuring a rich exchange of insights.

Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe: Elevating global collaboration

Taking place on 22 and 23 November in London in the UK, the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe is poised to surpass the 2022 event held in Rome in Italy. Anticipating attendance by 1,000 dentists, the meeting promises a dynamic programme, including workshops tailored for young dental professionals, an insightful symposium and a gala dinner providing networking opportunities.

Why attend? Shaping the future of dentistry together

Beyond the conventional symposium setting, the Osstem World Meeting and the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe are platforms for dentists to partake in a global movement, exploring the synergy of tradition and innovation, expertise and excitement. The events promise a balance of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, providing a comprehensive approach to professional development.

The Osstem World Meeting and the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe are where dentistry meets the future, offering a chance to be part of a global community dedicated to advancing dental practice.

More information about the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe can be found at osstem-europe-meeting.com and about the Osstem World Meeting at www.osstem-world-meeting.com

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